219 Internet Security 1

Dylan早上见到同事Cory和Brenda, 告诉他们公司出事了。

Dylan: Hey, Cory....did you hear about the break-in?

Cory: No! Burglars broke in? Did they steal anything valuable?

D: Actually, they might have gotten quite a bit of valuable information. But it wasn't thieves, it was online hackers.

C: Ah, so somebody broke into our computer system! Oh, good morning, Brenda. Did you hear the news? There was a cyber attack!

B: Oh my! But I thought we had very strong Internet firewalls.

D: We do, but all it takes is one mistake and hackers can come pouring in like an invading army.
Dylan问同事Cory听没听说公司有人非法闯入break-in, 不过不是真的有人夜盗,而是 online hackers 网上的骇客。The hackers broke into our computer system. 骇客进入了公司的电脑系统,这也可以被称为 cyber attack. 尽管公司安装了 Internet firewalls 互联网防火墙,但是稍一疏忽大意,还是被骇客钻了空子。

B: Does the I.T. department have any idea how this happened?

D: It looks like the hackers got in from an unsecure corporate e-mail account.

C: And then they loaded up a virus?

D: Not a virus, but they put spyware or malware into our system.

C: I've heard of spyware but what's malware?

B: Malware is short for "malicious software." Malware is any kind of software that is specially designed to infiltrate a computer system.

C: So spyware is a kind of malware.

公司电脑技术部门的调查显示,这次袭击是通过一个 unsecure e-mail account 没加保密措施的电子邮箱偷偷安装的 spyware 或 malware. malware是 malicious software两个字连在一起产生的,spyware间谍软件是malware恶意软件的一种,都是破坏电脑安全的软件,目的是渗透进入电脑系统,infiltrate is spelled i-n-f-i-l-t-r-a-t-e, infiltrate, infiltrate 意思是渗透 。

B: Sometimes the malware follows each keystroke you make, and then sends the information back to the hacker.

D: Or, sometimes they install a program called a Trojan horse that steals data.

C: Do you think this cyber attack was instigated by one of our competitors?

D: I don't want to point fingers, but it certainly could be. If a Trojan horse got into our mainframe it could download a lot of sensitive info about our company's upcoming product launches.

B: Many companies do spy on each other....but of course, it's illegal.

特洛伊木马程序 Trojan horse 也是骇客常用的一种程序,目的是盗取电脑系统里的数据。Brenda说,现在很多公司都 spy on each other 彼此展开电子间谍行动,那这次的骇客入侵是不是他们公司竞争对手干的呢?Dylan说,I don't want to point fingers. 我不想指责谁,to point fingers at someone 是一种很形象的说法,意思是指责某人做某事,但是如果骇客真在他们公司的电脑系统里安装了特洛伊木马程序的话,就可能盗取很多 sensitive information 敏感的信息。