52 Jason, A Cafe Visit

J: Hello, I'm Jody!  Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好!我是杨晨,欢迎到美语咖啡屋!我们今天要来到了街对面的那架咖啡馆。 我们今天要采访Jason他是这架咖啡馆的一个雇员。我们先谈谈咖啡文化对美国人来说意味是什么。  

J: Now we're here with Jason who works at a cafe.  And we're to talk to him about what he sees in the Cafe culture in American.

Jason: My name is Jason and we are in Rockville, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. - the nation's capital actually. 

Jody: So, Jason, what do you see people doing when they come into this cafe?

Jason: There are all sorts of things.  We have people that just come in get a cup of coffee and go.  We have people that, that linger and talk.  Some that read and do crossword puzzles, read books.  It's really a wide, wide ... portrait of the community.  It's all different kinds of people really.  But it gives people vibrancy, friendship, and community.  It's a local outreach.  It's many many different things to many people.

Y: 就是,我觉得很多人来咖啡馆不仅是来喝咖啡。有的是来跟人聊天儿,还有的人坐在那儿看书,看报纸。其实他们是绝对要享受咖啡馆的气氛。

J: The atmosphere is so important.  It's just a great place to hang out.  Jason explains that he's only worked here two months after leaving a high-stress consulting job.  Let's hear about the reason why he chose to work at a cafe over a high paying, high stress job. 

Y: 对,他原来在一家咨询公司工作。工资很高,但是他也说工作是 "high stress" - 就是压力非常大。那么我们就听听在咖啡馆工作有什么享受。   

Jason: You know, I've actually only worked here about two and a half months.  And for about 15 years I worked in a very high stress consulting environment.  And decided to make a change to specifically come into a cafe atmosphere.  You know, while I don't make as much money as I once did, my quality of life and happiness level have certainly increased exponentially. 

Y: 我得问问Jason是不是有的人常常到这个咖啡馆来,叫他们是 "regular customer."

J: "Regulars" are people who come everyday or sometimes many times a day.  Again, here's Jason. 

Jason: Oh, ab...absolutely!  One of the joys of working here is getting to know people.  And we have people that come in daily and sometimes multiple times a day.  So, it's very fun.  It's more than a place to come and get a drink and a muffin.  It really is community-oriented in many ways and...and person-oriented.  It's more personable than a normal commerce situation.

Y: 我想一定有很多人,特别是在周围工作的人,他们常到这个咖啡馆来。一个是方便,再一个这里给他们一种亲切的感觉。那么这些顾客我们叫他们是regulars。

J: It's a great feeling to become a regular at a place, especially a coffee shop, because the people who work there know your name and they know what you like.  And it's easy to become friends.

Y: 对他刚才说有的人一天来好几次。我想这些人一天来好几次,那他们的目的恐怕不光是为了一杯咖啡,可能是想来跟Jason聊聊天儿。
J: And community which is something Jason also talked about - having a place to go where people know your name.  That's a great feeling.  Now, let's here again from Jason

Jason: I think it's very important because there's something about a hot cup of coffee, or even a cold one, but especially a hot coffee or hot tea that ... that brings people to just slow down maybe for a few minutes during the day and sit down without guilt  and be able to just relax and read the paper or talk to a friend or even a stranger.  

Y: 到一个咖啡馆有一种让人轻松的气氛就是Jason刚才谈一谈到- "slow you down."  那到咖啡馆坐一会儿喝一杯自己喜欢的咖啡是一件很惬意的事。

J: Cafes are just a great place to start your day, to come in the middle of your day or to end your day.  You can hang out with friends, relax, read a book ...  they're just great places. 

Y: 没错,这个咖啡馆你可以早上来,你可以午休的时候来,也可以在下午下了班以后回家之前在来,任何时间来都会让你放松。你喝一杯又香又浓咖啡和你的朋友在咖啡馆聊天儿,看一本书,读一读报纸,非常的享受。

J: If you have a cafe, you have community and you a place where you can slow down.

Y: 对,生活是很紧张的。那么这个咖啡馆是一个让你放松的地方。

J: Well, that's it for American Cafe.  Thank you so much for visiting our American Cafe.

Y: 谢谢大家收听我们的美语咖啡屋。希望我们有一天能在咖啡馆碰见你!

J: Hope to see you next time at American Cafe. 

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