51 Rick, Lead Singer of SCOTS

Y: 大家好,我是杨晨。 欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hello everyone, I'm Jody!  Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: Jody,我们现在听的是什么音乐?

J: What?  I can't hear you?

Y: 我在问你这是什么音乐?

J: Wait a minute. Let me turn the music down.  What did you say?

Y: 我问你这是什么音乐,听上去有点儿象乡村音乐,又有点儿象摇滚乐。

J: It's a band called Southern Culture on the Skids.  SCOTS for short.  And you're right.  They mix many styles of music together to make their own original sound.  Isn't it great?   

Y: 这是他们自己创作的音乐?能不能给我们介绍这个乐队是什么时候成立的?

J: Oh, sure.  SCOTS started out in 1984 down in North Carolina at the University of North Carolina - UNC for short.

Y: 我想他们一定是因为非常热爱音乐才成立了这个乐队。是不是?

J: Well, actually Rick, the lead singer, said it was a great way to get free beer and meet girls in college.  But I'm sure they love music.  Now, let's welcome Rick, the lead singer of  SCOTS.     

Rick Miller: SCOTS started out in 1984 as just a way to make, ah, well, actually a way to get free beer and meet some girls while we were in college.  Practicing, actually, at the Art Lab at UNC (un)'til the dean of students kicked us out.  So, right away, rock-n-roll!
Y:  这帮人,太不像话了。原来是因为喜欢喝啤酒,勾引女孩子才成立了一个乐队。哎,  Jody, 这个SCOTS到底是一个什么样的乐队呢?

J: SCOTS is like a garage band that sometimes comes out of the garage to perform around the world.

Y: Garage band, 我喜欢这个名字。Garage Band就是车库乐队。你得解释一下这个什么叫做车库乐队呢。  

J: See, many teenagers want to be a rock-n-roll star or any music star.  But parents don't want to hear bad music playing in the house.   

Y: 没错, 一个初学者他技术肯定不太好;没人想听他们练习的时候那种很刺耳的声音。  

J: Exactly, they're just beginning. So, the family garage outside of the house where the car usually goes becomes the place where teenagers practice being a musician without bothering the parents.

Y: 对,车库是一个练习音乐的好地方。这样你就不会吵到你们家里人,因为车库就是停车的地方。

J: Garage band has come to mean amateur, not professional, music. 

Y: 对, 一般说起来这个garage band就说他们是业余也不是专业的乐队。这么说起来,这个SCOTS一开始的时候是典型的garage band, 后来他们慢慢儿发展成一个专业的乐队。

J: Exactly. But the members of SCOTS still feel that they are a garage band at heart.  The true essence of rock-n-roll.  Again here's Rick. 

Rick: We never really got out of the garage. And when we get out of the garage it's, like you know, to drive around the world, you know, to go play.  No, I love garage music.  I think that's the true essence of rock-n-roll. 

Y: Rick刚才提到garage music. 我想我们应该举个例子来说明什么叫做garage music. 

J: Sounds good to me!  Let's hear a bit of "Soulful Garage," a song Rick calls "a great garage soul song."

Rick: "Soulful Garage" is great 'cause that's a real mix when you think of what we are. It's kinda ... that really is a garage soul song.

Y: 对了,听他们的音乐以后,能更好帮助人们理解什么叫做garage music.

J: I think so. 

Y: 那Jody你喜欢他们的 音乐吗?
J: I think it's great especially because it's so fun.  It screws with the usual formulas.  You know, messes them up.  You don't know what to expect!   

Y: 对,他们的音乐听起来摇滚的味道、乡村音乐的味道、还有流行音乐的味道, 可以说是很多音乐风格融合在一起。

J: And SCOTS takes traditional country sounds and rock sounds and morphs them, or changes them, into something original, something Rick calls "hillbilly surf sound."  Again here's Rick.
Rick: What I like to do is just kinda (of) screw things up a little bit.  You know, you gotta screw with the formula and it becomes something else.  You know, it morphs into something else.  Something that we can kind of call our own.  You know, it's that hillbilly surf sound.

Y: Hillbilly surf sound, 这个没法儿翻成中文。我想着一定是Rick自己独创出来的一个名词。

J: You got that right.  I think the best way, Yang Chen, is just to play more music. 

Y: 喜欢大家喜欢他们的音乐。好,谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。 我们下次节目再见!

J: Thanks for joining us at American Cafe!

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