48 Erica, Skills For Web Design

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好,我是杨晨,欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hey, Yang Chen, take a look at this logo!  I thought we could use it for American Cafe!

Y: 耶,没错,这画的真好,我觉得可以把它放在我们的网页,做我们的logo, 我们的标记。

J: That's a great idea!

Y: 你看它这上面两个人,正在喝咖啡,像不像我们俩啊?一边聊天一边喝咖啡?

J: That's us!  I love it!  And it really captures the feeling of American Cafe!  And that's not easy - using artwork and computers to create a brand for business.

Y: 就是。 现在有成千上万个网页,如果你设计的不好,不吸引人,那你的内容再好都没有人看。

J: Exactly.  Hey I have a great idea.  Let's invite our friend Erica, the web designer。

Y: 好主意! Erica已经是我们的老朋友了。对于Erica来说,设计一个网页就好比给这个公司或企业创造了一个品牌!

J: And there's much more to it than that.  Erica also gives her client a marketing strategy ...

Y: Marketing strategy就是市场策略。

J: She does copyrighting and editing for them...

Y: 她还要负责取得版权以及的编辑工作。

J: She helps them organize all their information.  Here's Erica.     

Erica: They hire me give them a website and what I really do for them is give them a brand. I give them a marketing strategy, I do copyrighting and editing for them, I help them organize their information.  So, I do so much more than just make a website.

Y: Wow, 听起来,Erica真的是需要具备很多方面的技巧才能胜任她的工作。可是有的时候并不是每一个人都能认识到这一点。

J: You're right, they don't.  Her customers who know her and know her process. They appreciate her skills at the end of the day.  But the others ... Well, let's hear from Erica. 

Erica: And I think my customers who know me and who have been through the process, they do appreciate it at the end of the day.  But I think, a lot of, a lot of people don't really realize all the skills that go into, the skills and time, that go into making a really good professional website.

Y: 她刚才说的 "At the end of the day" 意思是?

J: "At the end of the day" is business slang that means, "When all is said and done."  So at the end of the day, most people don't realize all the skills involved in making a really good professional web site.

Y: 我觉得,一个好的web site应该是既方便又实用。

J: To Erica usability, finding information quickly, is a really important aspect of web design.  Again here's Erica...

Erica: Usability is a really important aspect of web design.  You know, the whole idea of usability is designing a web site with the user in mind.  Um, helping somebody find their way through a page, helping them get their information quickly.   Basically it's those two things, finding information - quickly.  When I'm designing something, I'm always thinking about my user.

Y: Erica说的没错,设计网页的时候要首先考虑顾客的需求。你觉不觉得Erica的特点就是她能够耐心听取别人的意见,所以她才会那么成功。

J: Erica is a great listener.  In fact, her listening skills are so good that she often gets compliments on her ability to talk to a small business owner and capture the feeling of that small business.  
Y: 对,你说的small business就是小企业。那么,Erica不仅能够准确地理解这种小企业的精神,而且能够把它转化成一个好的网页。

Erica: People have complimented me that I have the ability to talk to a person who owns a small business and really get a sense of who they are, the audience that they're trying to reach and transform that feeling into a visual thing and put it up there on the web.  Then people from all over the world can go there and get that same feeling.  So, yes, it's ... it's about a feeling.  Web site design is emotional.

Y:  Emotional?设计网页也可以是emotional的吗?

J: To Erica web site design is all about emotion and, like I've been saying, capturing the feeling of a small business. 

Y:  你说的没错,你再回头看看我们的logo, 你能联想到什么?

J: When I see that logo I think of two women who like coffee and like to talk!  That's us!  Thanks for joining us at American Cafe!  See you next time!

Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋,我们下次节目再见!

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