47 Heidi, Animal Lover

Y: 大家好,这是杨晨。欢迎到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hello everyone!  I'm Jody!  Welcome to American Cafe. 

Y: Jody, 你有没有听到什么奇怪的声音?

J: What noise?

Y: 是不是你的手机?

J: I don't have a cell phone. 

Y: Well,  可是我看你的书包里好像有什么东西在动,是不是?

J: Um ... ah ...

Y: Jody, 你说实话,你书包里是不是有只猫啊?  
J: Shih, Yang Chen, keep your voice down!  No one has to know.  What I mean is, don't let the cat out of the bag!  hahahaha.  Get it?

Y: Jody,  我知道这个习惯用语,let cat out of the bag, 意思是泄漏了秘密。可我要说的这里不允许带动物进来。

J: Look, it's a nice day and Ms. Kitty needs some fresh air.

Y: 我倒奇怪,你为什么这么喜欢小动物。

J: Ms. Kitty is a wonderful companion who gives unconditional love. 

Y: Jody, 我实在无法理解你。

J: If you think I'm bad, wait until you meet Heidi Holz.  She really loves animals!  Now, let's meet Heidi!  

Heidi: My name is Heidi Holz and I love animals!  They're just the most wonderful companions.  They never ask anything of you.  They love you unconditionally. When I come in the evening I know that nobody else in the world will ever be as happy to see me as my dog.

Y: 看来Heidi比你更狂热。不过她刚才说她每天晚上回家都觉得,世界上没有任何人会像她的宠物狗那样热情地迎接她回来。我想那是因为那条狗正好肚子饿了吧。

J: Oh, it's more than an empty stomach.  Heidi's pets are happy to see for more than just food. 

Y: Pets? 你是说她还有别的宠物啊?

J: Oh yeah!  Heidi has a dog, three cats, two gerbils, which are similar to mice, and three fish.

Y: Mice! 老鼠?

J: No, I said gerbils, which are like mice.  Gerbils are a very common pet for American children.    

Y: 我知道, gerbil就是沙鼠,可是依我看任何像老鼠的东西,它就是老鼠! 不过我想到一个问题, Heidi她养那么多宠物,她不是要花很多钱买食物吗?

J: It costs Heidi about $50 a month and about an hour a day in time.  Again here's Heidi. 

Heidi: I have three cats, a dog, two gerbils, they're like mice, and, um, three fish.  I would guess it probably costs about $50 a month to feed them and maybe an hour a day taking care of them.

Y: 你说Heidi又是养猫,养狗,养沙鼠,还有鱼,可见她是真的对动物有很深的感情。来你说她是不是从小就和动物打交道啊?

J: Oh, funny you should ask.  Heidi grew up on a six-acre farm with all kinds of animals - from common pets like dogs and cats to horses and kangaroos and even monkeys!

Y: 真的? 还有人把袋鼠和猴子当宠物?

J: Now, let's hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Y: 你严肃一点好不好?

J: Okay, okay.  I don't want to be accused of beating a dead horse, that's for sure. 

Y: Jody ...

J: Okay, I'm sorry.  Again, here's Heidi.

Heidi: I grew up with a lot of pets.  When I was small we had six acres in Florida.  Um, we had everything from horses to kangaroos.  We even had lemurs, which are a type of monkey. 

Y: 有一点我的确是可以理解,动物给人的爱是无条件的。

J: Exactly.  Unconditional love!  But it's so easy to get attached to an animal.  Heidi, in fact, got so attached to a cat that she found in China, that she brought it back to the U.S. with her.   

Y: 真的?她从中国带回一只猫?

J: Yeah!  She found the cat on the street and took it to her university dorm room.  Heidi got kicked out of her dorm and had to find another place to live.

Heidi: When I was living in China I found a kitten on the street and I snuck it into my dorm room.  I got kicked out of the dorm and had to find another place to live but I kept my kitten.  And I brought him back to the U.S. with me. 

Y: 我还真的没有见过像Heidi这么爱动物如命的人。

J: And why not.  They are just so loveable and fun.  Aren't you Ms. Kitty.  Here, do want to hold Ms. Kitty?  

Y: Uh uh, put the cat back in the bag,  Heh heh. Get it?

J: Hey!  You made a funny.  Thanks for joining us at American Cafe.  See you next time.

Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。我们下次节目再见!

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