33 Sandy, Womens History Alive

Y: 各位众好, 我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hello everyone!  Welcome to American Cafe!  Today we are going to celebrate Women's Equality Day that is celebrated on August 26th.  

Y: 8月26号是妇女平等日。那是不是说除了这天以外妇女就不能享受平等权力了呢?  

J: You had to say it, didn't Yang Chen. 

Y: 难道你不觉得我这个问题问得很好吗?   
J: It's a good question.  But I don't think we'll talk about it today.  But we will talk about Sandy Hansen.  Sandy owns a business called Women's History Alive!

Y: Women's History Alive! 就是用舞台表演的形式来讲述妇女在历史上的地位。 Sandy一个人要在舞台上扮演好多的人物。

J: That's right.  Sandy takes the rich history of women that is often ignored in history classes and in history books and takes it to the stage to really make it alive.

Y: 我们在看完了Sandy表演以后就马上就采访了她。

Sandy Hansen: I'm Sandy Hansen.  I'm from Holland, Michigan.  And my business is called Women's History Alive.  I do one-women plays on famous women in American history.

J: When Sandy realized that the history of women was overlooked, she created a way to fill the void! 

Y:  "Fill the void," 就是添补空白的意思。 

J: And the void she wanted to fill is an area of women's history.  Sandy got her degree in Women's Studies and it was such a new concept that she literally had to design her own major. 

Y: 没错。很多大学根本没有妇女历史这门课。其实是不对的,妇女为了推动历史做出这么大的贡献。你看历史上有过那么多伟大的女性,Harriet Tubman.

J: Oh, and don't forget Amelia Earhart.

Y: Susan B. Anthony.

J: Oh, in China, don't forget Jiang Qing.

Y: Okay, Jody, 你不要开玩笑。

J: Sorry.  Sorry.   
Y: 好,下面我们还是让Sandy解释一下她的目的。 
Sandy Hansen: My mission is to share women's history to give girls confidence that they can go on and do things in their lives and for adult women, as well, to feel confident to try stuff.

Y: Sandy说得非常好,了解历史能让更多的妇女认识到只要有决心她们也可以改变历史。

J: It's just a great idea to increase a woman's confidence that they're able to do whatever we want.  Sometimes women may know intellectually that we can whatever we want, but deep down we may not be so sure.   

Y: 即使这些历史人物不仅是妇女能从中得到鼓励,对每个人来说都很有教育意义。
J: Exactly.  The scope is much larger than just women.  Sandy feels that women's history is essential to every single person: boy, girl, male, female... Again here's Sandy. 

Sandy: I think that women's history is essential to every single person, boys and girls, male, female, adult men and women, because we learn to respect women when we hear of the wonderful things that they did. 

J: And Yang Chen, Sandy is great example herself.  She started her own business to fulfill her mission in life.  I just think that's great.   

Y: 对。Sandy把自己对历史的热爱和对舞台的热爱完美地结合了起来。我觉得她天生就是一个做演员的材料。

J: And Sandy seems born for the stage.  In this next quote Sandy she calls herself an "extrovert."  Yang Chen ...

Y: "Extrovert" 就是外向的人。

J: Oh, right.

Y: 就象你一样。

J: Oh, thank you.  外向的人.

Y: 或者说性格外向。

J: "Extrovert" is a little difficult so I'm going to spell it very quickly.  E-X-T-R-O-V-E-R-T.  "Extrovert."  So, again here's Sandy.

Sandra: I love being on stage.  And I love making people laugh at my jokes and sharing women's history with people.  I'm really an extrovert.  I really love to have people looking at me and talking to me and thinking I'm wonderful and being on stage.  Even if you do a bad job people clap for you.

Y: Sandy是非常有趣的人。她说她很喜欢在舞台上表演,有的时候即使表演得很差,观众也会为她鼓掌。其实她太谦虚了,我觉得她还是很不错的。
J: She was great.  She was very entertaining.  You can tell that she really loves women's history.

Y: 不过说到舞台表演,如果是我自己站在舞台上要这样手舞足蹈,而且还要扮演很多人物,我一定会紧张得两条腿直哆嗦。

J: Oh, are you kidding me?  That would be incredibly scary. It's hard enough to get on stage in front of an audience.  It's even more difficult when you're alone.  
Y: 关键一点就是你自己在舞台上表演,如果出了什么差错只能怪自己,不能推卸责任。 

J: Take our show for example.  There's two of us and I get blamed for everything. 

Y: 好了,我们的节目就到这里,谢谢大家收听,下次节目再见!

J: See you later!