31 What is a Bonfire?

(Enter sound of woods and a small fire)

Y: 各位听众好。欢迎收听美语咖啡屋。我是杨晨。

J: Hello everyone! I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe! Except today, we're not in the Cafe.

Y: 没错。我们现在是树林里。不过这都是Jody的主意,如果我有选择,我宁可舒舒服服地呆在咖啡馆里。

J: Aw come on, Yang Chen, this is going to be fun. Out in the woods enjoying a campfire. This is what I call living large! Living the good life! Don't ya (you) think?

Y: 你说得到轻松。Living large活得自由自在。先别自在了,你看我们点的火都快灭了,快拿手电筒来。

J: You said you were bringing the flashlights.

Y: Jody!! 你不是说你要拿手电筒吗? 哎呀,现在怎么办呢。

J: Hey, there's no reason to panic.

(Enter animal sound)

Y: (getting anxious) Jody! 这是什么声音,后面是不是有狼啊?

J: That's not a wolf. It was probably just a raccoon. We're fine, Yang Chen.

Y: 听这声音好象是一个个头很大的动物. 我们在树林里,火又快灭了。都怪你非要到这里来作节目。你赶快想办法让火烧得旺一点好不好!

J: Okay, okay. Calm down. How big do you want the fire, Yang Chen? Do you want it as big as a bonfire?

Y: Bonfire? 是什么?

J: A bonfire? Well, it just so happens that on today's show we have two experts, you could say, on bonfires. Aren't we lucky? Heh heh.

Y: Lucky? 今天我们这么倒霉你还敢说是lucky?

J: Oh, whatever. Let's go to our guests. First let's hear from our good friend CT, a man who claims to have built over 100 bonfires in his life.

CT: A bonfire is a large campfire. It is just a bunch of wood you collect from natural surroundings and put into a pile and then you light it on fire. And ideally you have more wood and you keep throwing it on and on, making the flames bigger and bigger and then it burns out.

Y: Bonfire 就是篝火,只不过比普通的篝火要大,Jody, 他刚才说点这种篝火要准备很多木头,不断地往火里扔。

J: Yeah, I heard that. He did say that ideally you have more wood and you keep throwing it on the fire. Heh, what a great idea. Okay, I'll go get some more wood while CT tells how big a bonfire should be.

CT: Well it depends on your neighbors. If your neighbors like bonfires I would say you could have a nice size fire in a plot of land that is 20 meters by 20 meters. But maybe you want to have something that's 50 meters by 50 meters. Then you can have a big bonfire.

Y: 我们倒是不用担心邻居们会有意见。因为现在除了我们两人附近根本没有人!

J: Yang Chen, you really must calm down. Here, have a beer.

(Enter sound of beer can opening)

Y: 太棒了。你可真行,忘了手电筒,倒是没有忘记带啤酒。

J: Hey, I do have my priorities. But look at all the wood I gathered!

(Enter sound of wood dropping to the ground)

Y: 不错。不过我还是想听听你认识的那两个所谓的专家还有什么高见。
J: Good idea. Here's Marty.

Marty: Uh...a bonfire is anytime you're burning any lengths of wood. You can throw in trees ... that's a bonfire. When you get a full tree in ... that's a bonfire. The bigger the better.

Y: 我喜欢他说的 "the bigger, the better.",越大越好。

J: And don't forget...it's getting darker and darker. Heh, boy, fire is really important.
Y: 你很聪明。

J: Yang Chen, I bet this is what primitive people, you know原始人, felt like thousands of years ago.

Y: 我真佩服你的想象力。可我们没有生活在原始社会,干吗要没事找罪受呢?

J: Well, I'm just saying that people like fire.

Y: 为什么?

J: It feels good and, I think, it touches part of our primal side. Again here's Marty.

Marty: I am just watching the flames and burning stuff. It's primal burning things. I mean this is like the original source of heat in the world; it is burning wood so ...It smells good. Radiant heat is just beautiful heat; how it radiates out at you and warms your whole body.

(Enter sound of roaring fire)

Y: Mary 说的primal side就是原始的本能。 我不知道烤火是不是能让一个人看到自己原始本能,不过我觉得篝火散发出来的光和热给了我一种安全感。 你觉得我们两个人点这么大的篝火是不是太浪费木头了?

J: Boy, you are just never happy. Here let's have a drink to a bonfire!

J&Y: Cheers!

Y: 各位听众我们下次节目再见

J: See you next time on American Cafe. Next time I think we'll actually be in the cafe! See you later!