24 Sean Natasha

Y: 各位听众好,欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。我是杨晨。

 J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe!  I'm Jody. This week, Yang Chen and I go back to the dance hall!

Y: 没错,不过这次我们要学的是交际舞。

J:  Today we are going to talk to Sean and Natasha.  They are dance partners who compete in a style of ballroom dancing called Latin dancing. 

Y:  我告诉你一句悄悄话。

J: What's that?

Y: 其实我不太喜欢交际舞。

J: Why don't you like ballroom dancing, Yang Chen?

Y:  其实也没有什么特别的原因。就是一说起来交际舞我就想到那些跳舞的人,他们的姿势特别强硬,有时候脸上的表情有点奇怪。

J: Well, I think I know what you are talking about.  But, Sean and Natasha don't do that kind of dancing.  The style of dancing that Sean and Natasha do is Latin style.  And it is hot and passionate and dramatic and most of all sexy. 

Y: Sexy?

J: Very sexy.  When I was watching Sean and Natasha and the way their bodies moved together, 我的脸红了。  They have great chemistry.

Y: 你也会脸红。你刚才说的great chemistry,这里是不是说他们两人搭配得天衣无缝。

J: Exactly. Kind of like the great chemistry between us, Yang Chen! 

Y: 现在轮到我脸红了。

J: First, let's hear from Sean.

Sean: I'm Sean Murphy and we're standing in the Chevy Chase Ballroom, which is on Wisconsin Avenue.  And I'm here with Natasha, my partner.  We both compete in international style Latin dancing which is a form of ballroom dance.

Y:  他们两人是不是一块儿跳舞有很长时间了?

J: It seemed like they had been dancing forever so I asked.  And Natasha's answer surprised me. Here's Natasha.

Natasha: Together we've dancing since November of 2003.  But separately of course we had different partners previously and danced separately, of course.  But then we got together in November and decided to dance together. 

Y: 其实他们两在一块儿的时间不是太长。

J: Not long at all. Yang Chen, Some people just click.  C-L-I-C-K, which means they instantly, have great chemistry together.

Y: 没错,就好象我们两一样。一见如故。

J: 一见如故。

Y: Yeah.

J: We clicked.

Y: Natasha是从那个国家来的,听她讲话好象有点口音。

J: Natasha is from Russia but her accent is very slight.  I think she's been in the States for many, many years.  

Y:  Jody,  我想学跳舞并不难,但是要达到参加比赛的水平可就不容易了。   

J: Most definitely.  And according to Sean, if you are going to compete in a dance competition, a good partnership is everything.   

Y: 好,我们听听 Sean 是怎么说的:   

Sean: Oh, my gosh, partners ... A partnership is pretty much everything, because when...like right now we're probably slacking a little bit and we're practicing maybe three times a week, maybe six to nine hours a week. And to be really competitive, the top couples do it almost full-time, like 40 hours a week.

Y: 他和Natasha两个人每星期要练习6到9个小时,而且他还说练习这么长时间都不够。

J: And now back to Natasha, that "special something" for her is the fact that Sean is such a good lead on the dance floor.

Natasha: Sometimes there's just one person, two persons, it's very rarely you can find a person that you can have actually good connection with, very easily you can understand that person's lead. 

Y:  "Lead" 就是领舞的意思。

J: Right.  In dancing, the man is the lead.  So, let's hear from Sean.

Sean: A lead isn't really telling the woman what to do but it's more suggesting "it would be nice if you did this now."
Y: 看来他们真的很有默契。 我相信他们会在比赛中取得好成绩。

J: Oh, I bet they're going to do really well at their next competition.  To help them win their competitions, Yang Chen, they work with a coach who gives them choreography, 舞蹈动作的设计。

Sean: When we compete we have choreography.  So, we have these routines that our coach choreographs for us so that each step is kind of predetermined.  But, there's still a lot of how we ... how my body moves, how her body moves and how are bodies together.  And that's... it's not just choreography, but its how we are, I guess, physically connected.

Y: 看来跳舞真的不光是技巧问题,两个人配合默契更加重要。

J:  Exactly. We're back to having great chemistry. 
Y: 没错!  你现在说服我了,我也开始喜欢交际舞了。

J:  Listen to that music, Yang Chen.  It's passionate, sexy!  It's hot!   Thanks for joining us on American Cafe. 

Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。我们下次节目再见。

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