15 Daytona Bike Week

Y: 个位听众好!我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋!

J: Hello, I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe.  Hey, Yang Chen, how was your trip down to Florida? 

Y: 哎呀,玩得太开心了。我知道你也去了迪斯尼世界,对吧?

J: I did!  We drove down too.  What a fun time! 

Y: 可是玩得时候开心,你知道开车回来的时候开了十几个小时,简直把我累死了。

J: Oh, you're telling me.  We drove straight through too and it was a long drive.  Hey, on the road did you notice all the motorcycles?

Y: 没错,我正要问你呢,为什么有那么多摩托车呢?

J: Well, it just so happens that we were coming home just as Bike Week was ending in Florida. 

Y: 你是说那些摩托车都是要开到同一个地方,参加同一个活动。

J: Yeah, all the bikes were going to Daytona Beach where they have Bike Week.  I think this year it ran from Feb 27 to March 7. 

Y: 难怪呢。

J: And on the way to Florida I stopped at the headquarters of Bike Week and spoke with a biker named Gino.  He told me a little about Bike Week and biker culture.  

Y: 好啊,我也正想听听这个Bike Week是怎么回事呢。

Gino: Well, my name is Gina Garjulo and I am in St. Augustine, Florida.  And we're about 65 miles north of Daytona, which has the second largest Bike Week in the world.  This Bike Week here is in its 63rd year.  And every year people come from all over the world, literally.
Y: 听Gino这么一解释,这个Bike Week其实就是一种摩托车爱好者或者说摩托车手的大聚会。Gino说这个活动已经有63年的历史,参加者来自世界各地。

J: That's right. People come from all over the world to attend Bike Week at Daytona.  A lot of people came and a lot of people spent a lot of money.

Gino: About 500,000 people descend upon Daytona.  It's an impact of about $500 million dollars in about a two-week period all together.  

Y: Wow! 不过我很好奇,这些摩托车爱好者都是些什么人?

J: Well, Gino explains that Bike Week is a very interesting look into the diversity of the biker culture.  

Y: 你说的diversity是什么意思呢?

J: Okay, some people think that all bikers have long scraggly hair and tattoos and beards.  You know, that's the stereotype of a biker. 

Y: 没错,一提到骑摩托车的人我们就会联想到那种留长头发,穿皮夹克啊,就是那种比较粗野的形象吧?

J: Yeah, I know.  And some bikers do fit that description, that stereotype.  But here's Gina again to describe the diversity of people who go to Bike Week. 

Gino: It's a very interesting look into the Biker Culture  and you've got people that are what we call "one percenters" that are real hardcore bikers that have the long, scraggly hair and beards and everything and the tattoos all over them.  Then you have the doctors and lawyers and everything.  There are bikes that run up to $150,000.  Lots of women ride, uh ... just all interesting people. 

Y: 看来人们对摩托手确实有一些误解,其实他们当中有很多受过良好教育的人。Gino 刚才说的 hardcore bikers指的是那些铁杆分子。你说我可不可以形容他们是爱摩托车如命呢?

J: Right.  Gino said "hardcore" and that's the perfect word to describe, you know, people who are really devoted to something to a very serious degree.  "Hardcore" is one word and it's spelled H-A-R-D "hard," "core" C-O-R-E.  And another example of how to use it would be "That's really hardcore, man," really serious.  

Y: 我很好奇,这个Bike Week都有些什么活动呢?

Gino: They camp out.  They're get here a week or so early.  They have camping spots down there.  And, uh, they drive all over the place. They have organized rides, contests ...

Y: 我想除了野营,赛车,观赏摩托车之外,一定还有购物活动吧?比方说他们可以购买特制的皮夹克或者说摩托车用品等等。

J: Even tattoos, Yang Chen. 

Y:  Oh, 别提那个。"Tattoo"中文就是刺青,就是在身上弄得花花绿绿的。我受不了。

J: That's one thing Gina wanted to make sure of ... that not all bikers have tattoos.  

Y:  不能划等号。

(Enter motorcycle sounds)

Y: 啊,怎么有人开着摩托车到我们的咖啡屋来了。

J: Let's go outside and check it out.  Uh, uh, Sorry, everyone.  We gotta go!  Thanks for joining us on American Cafe. 

Y: 好,各位听众,我们下次节目再见。

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