22:couch potato; nuts

Michael是个美国学生,在纽约上大学。他的一个要好同学是从中国大陆来的李华。今天Michael刚好在校园里碰到李华。李华会在谈话中学到两个常用语:couch potato和nuts。

L:嗨,Michael, 你上哪儿去呀?

M:I'm going to meet Jon at the subway. You've met Jon, haven't you?


M:Yes. I want to drag him out to do something. You know, he's such a couch potato.

L:他是什么? Couch potato? 什么是couch potato? 他爱吃土豆?

M:No, couch potato is an expression used to describe someone who sits in front of the TV all the time eating junk food, such as potato chips.

L:噢,原来coach potato是指一个人老坐在电视机前吃零食。 这个常用语挺有趣。那couch potato是不是只能指人呀?

M:Yes, it is only used to describe people, those who are lazy and unmotivated.

L:噢,只能指人,指那些懒懒散散,没有动力的人。好,下回我就叫我哥哥couch potato。他老是看电视,一看就看到三更半夜,吃的东西撒在地毯上,沙发上,到处都是。

M:My father's like that too. My mother is always angry with him. But he doesn't care.


M:But sometimes, after a really hard week at school, I also just want to collapse and be a couch potato.

L:一个星期在学校念书实在很累了,回家当一回couch potato, 我想这还是可以的,只要不是每天这样就行了。

M: Yes, I agree. Li Hua, would you like to join us? Jon and I are going to play tennis.


M:That's wonderful. You know, some people think I'm nuts to have a friend like Jon.

L:有的人认为你是什么? Nuts?Nuts不是花生,杏仁那样的果仁吗?你跟Jon交朋友跟吃花生有什么关系呀?

M:No, nuts here means someone who is crazy.


M:That's right. Jon can be rude, and he also argues a lot. Sometimes he does drive me nuts.

L:他看起来不象会对别人无礼,爱跟人争论的人哪!你刚才说drives me nuts 是什么意思啊?

M:Drives me nuts means he makes me crazy.

L:噢,还可以说drive me nuts, 或者是drive someone nuts。嗨,Michael, 那天我上移民局去办手续,排队好长,我站了一小时,我真是火死了。我能说:They drove me nuts 吗?

M:Of course. You know, my mother used to make me clean my room every night when I was in high school and that drove me nuts.


M:Oh, yes, she is nuts. She spent $200 for a dress, and it's ugly.

L:对,张红这个人是有点问题,化两百美元买件难看的衣服。不过,Michael,你总是批评别人买的东西。 You sometimes drive me nuts too.

M:Li Hua, I think you are learning these words too fast.

今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是:couch potato,指那些常坐着看电视,吃零食的人;另一个是:nuts,就是说一个人不正常,做的事很怪。今天的[流行美语]就到此结束, 再见。

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