32:fishy; to luck out

Michael在纽约上大学,他父母住在华盛顿,这个周末他请李华到他父母家作客。今天,李华会学到两个常用语:fishy和to luck out。

L: Michael, 谢谢你请我到你家来过周末。有机会和一个美国家庭一 起过周末对我来说是很有意义的。你的爸爸妈妈人真好,我也很 喜欢你的妹妹。

M: She's not usually so nice. Normally all she does is complain. I think there's something fishy going on.

L: 噢,你说她平时没有象这两天讨人喜欢呀?她老是爱抱怨,这我 倒是看不出来。你说,there's something fishy going on, 那是什么 意思呀?Fish不是鱼吗?

M: Oh, fishy is fish with a "y". It means there is something suspicious going on.

L: 你的意思是,你妹妹表现得那么好,和平时不一样,你觉得有点 可疑。为什么呢?

M: Because she always acts this way when she is trying to get our parents to let her do something.

L: 对,有些孩子是这样的。当他们想问家长要什么的时候就会表现 得出奇的好。要求满足了, 一切又照常了。

M: I can say something is fishy if I think someone is lying about something.

L: 这我就清楚了,你要是认为某个人在骗你,你就可以说:It seems fishy.

M: That's right.

L: 比方说,我那天接到一个旅行社的电话,说我得了一个奖。他说我可 以到四个地方去旅行一个星期只要二百美元,但是要我马上付这笔 钱。我当时就觉得可疑,I thought something was fishy, 对不对?

M: You're absolutely right. Let me tell you something, the travel company probably doesn't even exist. After you pay them, you won't be able to find them anymore.

L: 哟,幸亏我没上当。原来是骗局,等我付了钱,他们就消失了! 这可太气人了!

M: You really have to be careful whenever you smell something fishy.

( Michael和李华在飞机场)

L: Michael, 一个周末过得真快。好象刚到,现在又要搭飞机走了。

M: Look, half of the flights are canceled because of the snow, but ours is still on time. We really lucked out.

L: 噢,因为下雪,所以一半的航班都被取消了,我们的却还按时飞。 真是运气。你刚才说的lucked out大概就是运气的意思吧?

M: Yes, it means we were really fortunate.

L: 那每当我觉得运气好的时候,我都能用to luck out来表示吗?

M: Yes, for example, I can say I really lucked out on that test last week. I didn't study very much for it, but I still knew all the answers on the test.

L: 上星期的考试,我可没有考好。你没怎么念书倒是都能答出考题, you really lucked out on that test. 我可没有这种运气。我要不念书就 考不好。

M: Hold on a second, I think they just called my name. I hope nothing's wrong.

L: 对,我也听到他们叫你的名字呢,快去看看,有什么问题。

L: 怎么回事,Michael, 票子没有问题吧?

M: No, in fact I lucked out again. I dropped my wallet at the ticket counter. They just wanted to return it to me.

L: 哟,你钱包掉了还不知道,柜台捡到了还主动还给你。你哪 来那么好的运气呐!You really lucked out this time! 钱包里有多少钱 哪?

M: Not much, only ten bucks! Come on Li Hua, let's board the plane.

李华今天学到了两个常用语,一个是:fishy,意思是怀疑对方不老实,有花招;另一个是:to luck out,这是指没有料到的运气。 这里[流行美语]就学习到这里。我们下次再见。

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