38:flip out; off my back

李华来laundromat洗衣服,正巧碰上也在那儿洗衣服的Michael. 在他们二人一起洗衣服的时候,Michael教给了李华两个流行的美语:Flip out和 off my back。

L: Michael,最近你跟邻居处的如何?他们每天晚上还是吵的很厉害吗?

M: It's funny you should mention that. Last night they had their music turned on so loud that I finally just flipped out and went over and yelled at them.

L: 你做的对,你终于去吼他们了。可是你刚才说你flipped out,那是什么意思啊? 是不是指你气疯了的意思?

M:Yeah, to flip out means to go crazy because you are very angry about something. People sometimes flip out because they just can't stand something anymore.

L: 你在忍了好多个星期整日震天价响的吵声之后,终于忍无可忍对他们大发雷霆了。

M: Yes. I really don't like to complain to my neighbors, but it was so loud that my windows were shaking.

L: 我真不敢相信在昨晚之前你早没有气疯。你怎么能够读书呢?更别说晚上睡觉了。

M: Well, it is pretty difficult.

L: 我要是你的话,早在八百年前就发火了。对了,你能不能再给我举个例子来说明怎么用 flip out?

M: Let me see. Well, do you remember I told you about the time I left my keys in the door of my apartment overnight? When my roommate found the keys in the morning, he totally flipped out.


M: Yeah, he was so angry that I thought he was going to kill me. He said that, since we don't live in a very good neighborhood, I should be more careful. He said I had put both of our lives in danger.

L: 他我想你该更小心点,不过我认为你是无心之失,他实在不必生那么大气flipped out。

M: Well, my roommate was always getting angry at me for one thing or another. I am glad he doesn't live with me anymore.

L: Hey, Michael, 你的衣服是不是洗好了?

M: Yeah, I have to put my clothes in the dryer.

L: So, Michael, 你告诉我你怒气冲天地对你邻居大吼大叫,可是你没告诉我他们的反应是什么。

M: Not very well. The girl just yelled at me and said "get off my back". I think I'm going to have to talk to the apartment company.

L: 我的老天,他们非但没向你道歉,居然还朝着你吼。不过那个女孩说"get off my back"是什么意思啊?

M: To "get off my back" means to leave me alone or stop bugging me about something.

L: Oh,要是你说"get off my back", 就是表示:别管我闲事或是说别为了什么事来烦我。

M: She told me to get off her back, because they were just having some friends over and listening to some music.

L: 说所以当你告诉别人get off your back, 也就是要他别来烦你的时候,同时表示你认为你根本没做甚么错事。

M: That's right, Li Hua. Well, her roommate was a little more polite to me. She said they would turn down the music a little bit. But a couple hours later, they turned it back up again.

L:现在你要怎么办啊? Michael?

M: I think I've got to talk to the apartment company now. I don't care if that girl told me to get off her back.

L: 我想既然你的邻居根本不理会你,那就是唯一可行的办法了。有了什么结果再告诉我, Michael!

今天在洗衣时,Michael告诉李华说他的邻居实在太吵了,以致他因为太愤怒flip out而去吼骂邻居,但是他的邻居恼羞成怒,要他get off her back,也就是要 Michael别管她闲事,别再烦她。

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