40:to be into; geek

这一天迈可准备和李华一起温习功课,在他们两人对话的时候,李华学到了两个新词儿:"to be into" 和"geek".

L: Hi迈可! 我马上要考试了,你帮我温习一下功课好吗?Hey, 你在看什么书啊? Hmmph! 是本漫画?

M: Yes, it is a comic book. I really used to be into comic books when I was a high school student, but now I don't have much time to read them

L: "Be into" 漫画书,你是指你总是把头埋进漫画书里边儿?

M: Well, not exactly. Be. B-E. Into. I-N-T-O. "to be into" means to be very interested in something, and to know a lot about it.

L: Oh, 你指的是一种嗜好。可是我以为只有儿童才看漫画书的。你未免年纪太大了点儿吧?

M: Please! Comic books are not only for children. A lot of people my age are into comic books. And in Japan, everyone reads them, young or old.

L: 我想你对 漫画书很有兴趣也没什么不好。而且你还有其它好些兴趣。

M: That's right! I am into dancing. I am also into camping and watching sports。

L: 我就不喜欢看运动节目。我倒是对连续剧兴趣很浓。I

M: Why are you still into soap operas? They are soooo boring! At least the people who play sports are real!

L: 你看你的漫画书,我看我的连续剧。不论如何,我还有些真正的嗜好。举例来说,我就对中国书法就非常有兴趣,只不过,老实说,我的字老写不好。

M: That's not true! I think your calligraphy is very good. You have been into calligraphy for a long time, haven't you?

L: 不错,我很小的时候,我妈妈就逼着我练字。那时候,我一点也不喜欢,可是现在我真感激她那时逼着我练字。

M: Also, you are into learning English.

L: 那倒也是,不过那可不是我的嗜好。在中国,我们从中学就开始学英语了。

M: Well, at least you are lucky you started young. I have only been into learning Chinese for a couple of years, and my Chinese is terrible!

L: 不,迈可,那你可说的不对,你的普通话说的挺好的。

L: 迈可,你是不是该停下来,别再看那漫画书,该开始复习功课了。

M: Li Hua, you sound like my mother. Anyway, I can't put this comic book down. I am such a comic book geek.

L: 你说你是什么?一个"geek"? 那是什么意思?

M: Well, a "geek" is soomeone who spends all of their time with their special interests or hobbies. They are mor concerned about their hobbies than being "cool" or making friends.

L: geek是怎么拼?的这个字听起来好怪噢。

M: Geek. G-E-E-K.

L: 这样的话,我能不能说篮球名将Michael Jordan 是一个篮球 geek?

M: Well, not really. Geeks are not usually into playing sports. They like things like comic books, computers, collecting stamps, reading science fiction books。

L: 这样说来,一个 geek所喜欢的东西别人未必喜欢。他们专心注意的是用脑筋和想象力的东西,但是不需要身体动得太多。

M: That sounds about right. Geeks often put their hobbies before other things, such as their social life, meeting girls, gaining a useful education.

L: Aha! 你就是一个地道的 geek! 你就情愿看漫画书而不肯学习。有的时候你宁愿在家玩儿电子游戏而不肯外出跟朋友们混在一起。

M: Gee, thanks Li Hua. Anyway, I am not completely a geek. I do study hard most of the time. I do like to dance, and I do have a lot of female friends.

L: 好了,好了算你是半个geek. 对了,我有个表弟就是一个geek。他老是看武打电影和玩电子游戏。他从不穿一件像样的衣服,他也不在乎找不找到工作。

M: Yes, your cousin sounds like a real geek to me. A lazy geek.

L: 可是他至少不像你那样是一个漫画书geek!

M: I am into comic books. So what?

今天迈可和李华二人本来是要在一起温习功课的,结果聊起了:"to be into" 和"geek"这两个新词儿。李华现在明白了"to be into" 就是一个人对一件事物特别有兴趣,也对那件事物特别懂。"geek"是说一个人只花时间在他发生浓厚兴趣的嗜好上,别的都不管不顾。

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