43:rule; to blow money...

今天是周末,Michael和李华去 打台球。李华一边玩一边还学了两个年轻人常用的词:to rule和to blow money on something.

L: 哎呀,我不想玩了。我老是输给你,这样玩还有什么意思啊。

M: Hey! You don't need to get angry just because I rule at the pool table!

L: 啊? 你在台球桌上做了什么?你是不是耍了什么花招,怕我生气啊?

M: Absolutely not! I said that I rule the pool table. That means that I am the best at playing pool. I can defeat anyone. Rule, R-U-L-E.

L: 噢,我明白了, rule在这里指的是你玩台球玩得最棒,可以打败任何人。对不对,Michael?

M: That's right! I am king of the pool table! I rule!

L: 嘿,你不要那么得意好不好。你忘了那天打乒乓球,你连连败在 我的手下。你呀,对乒乓球这种体育运动简直是一窍不通。

M: Sport? Ping-pong is not a sport! It's a game! You might rule at that little game. But I rule at pool, a man's game!

L: 你在瞎说什么啊。我不跟你争了。你还是多给我解释解释 rule 这个词吧。

M: Well, I can say "I rule the pool table"; that means that I dominate the game. Or I can say "I rule at" doing something. In either case it means the same thing: I am the best!

L: 好了,好了,就算你是最棒的吧。那 rule 还有什么别的用法呢?

M: Sometimes we just say something or someone rules without adding any other words. For instance, I can say "Chinese food rules!", that means I think it is great.

L: 噢,那如果我说:Michael Jordan rules!,就表示我认为他是最棒的篮球运动员,对不对?

M: That's right. When we say a person rules, that means we think they are the best, or at least that they are impressive.

L: 哎,Michael,你看那边有个人老往我们这边看,没准他是想和你比赛,怎么样,敢不敢跟他比?

M: Whatever, I rule the pool table, no matter who I play against!

L: Michael,你打得怎么样, 输了还是赢了?

M: Not so well. Say, Li Hua, can I borrow five dollars? I just blew my money on playing pool with them, and I need to put gas in the car so we can get home.

L: 你说你的钱怎么了?哎呀,你是不是在赌博啊?

M: No, I said I blew my money on pool. That means I spent all of my money very quickly. Blew, B-L-E-W. It's the past tense for blow.

L: 噢,"blow money on something"就是为了做某件事很快把口袋里 的钱花光了。

M: That's right. Like when we were at the mall the other day, and you blew a whole week's pay on shoes.

L: 我是花了一星期的工资买鞋,可你不觉得我买的鞋价廉物美,所以不能说我浪费啊。

M: Well, I guess sometimes it's ok to blow one's money on something useful.

L: 就是嘛。哎,我倒是想起了一个你乱花钱的例子,记不记得你大 学一年级的时候到赌城拉斯维加斯,blew all of your money on black jack。

M: Ha ha ha....what a wonderful memory. but, I'll never blow all of my money like that again. I am older and wiser now.

L: 得了吧,你年龄的确是越来越大,可脑筋并没有越来越聪明。要 不然你今天怎么会玩台球把钱都花光呢?

M: Those guys are good. They play quickly, and they both beat me several times. Also, we agreed that the loser had to pay for the pool table. So of course I blew all of my money very quickly.

今天Michael可是够倒霉的,输了球,还花光了钱;不过李华倒 是收获不小,她今天学到两个很有用的词,一个是:to rule,是很棒的意思,另一个是:to blow one's money on something,意思是把钱都浪费在了某样东西上。

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