53:psyched; flop

今天Michael要在家里举行一个party,请朋友来玩。李华学到两个常用语:psyched和to flop。

L: 啤酒冻好了,吃的也摆好了。我看一切都准备好了。

M: Great! I'm really psyched about this party. Tonight I finally get to relax and have fun with my friends.

L: 你是不是担心party会出问题?是不是怕没有朋友来?

M: Not at all. I said "I am psyched." That means that I am very excited, and am looking forward to something.

L: Psyched这个词听起来怪怪的。那么"to be psyched"照你说的,就表示你盼望什么事情啦?

M: Not exactly. When I say "I am psyched," I not only mean that I am excited, but that I am full of energy and ready to go.

L: 是吗?可是今天的party有什么节目让你这样高兴呀?

M: Well, once some of my friends show up, I plan to have a few beers and hit the dance floor. Quite a few ladies should be showing up at the party tonight, so my friends will be psyched and ready to go as well!

L:嗯... 美酒加美女,听起来不错嘛。不过Michael, 你也不要太激动了。我可是见过你喝醉了之后跳舞还有和女孩讲话的样子。真是不敢恭维噢。

M: O.K., that's enough already. If you're so smart, why don't you use "psyched" in a sentence for me?

L: 嗯,让我想想看。对了,像"拳击手Mike Tyson,在比赛前很psyched,因为他准备好要恶战一场了。"这句话怎么样?

M: Yeah, you seem to understand this phrase pretty well. All good athletes have to be psyched before a sports match, otherwise they have no chance of winning.

L: 行了行了,Michael, 你只要记住自己不是运动员,也不是专业的舞蹈家。

M: Oh come on Li Hua! Don't try to ruin this party for me! You should be psyched too! This is going to be the greatest party of your life!


L: Michael, 你没事吧?

M: [Groan] Ugh, this is ... this is terrible. I feel like such an idiot. I can't believe my party flopped so badly!

L: 怎么了?你说你的party怎么了?

M: I said my party flopped. That's the past tense for "flop." I mean that the party sucked.

L: 我懂了, "flop" 就是你的party搞砸了。这个词还有别的意思吗?

M: Well, the word "flop" means to fall down flat and make a noise like when you drop a rug or a large book on the floor.

L: OK,我懂了。这个词的意思就是形容很重的东西掉在地上的声音。这个词是不是只能形容party的时候用呢?

M: Not at all. If a movie or a play "flops," that means it was not very successful. Sometimes we might say a plan "flopped," meaning it failed.

L: 那你说说看,为什么你的party搞砸了呢?

M: I wish I knew. Even my friends left after a couple of hours. I've never been to a party that flopped as badly as this one. Oh ...I know what happened tonight.

L: 那是为什么呢?

M: Today is the first Saturday of the new semester. Professor Wilkins always invites all of the graduate students in my department to a big pool party at his house. Everyone must have gone there!

L: 嗨,你怎么会忘了这回事呢?你的教授给研究生举行party?那我们也赶紧去参加他的party吧!我可不想在你的房间里发呆。我们也要去找点乐子啊!

M: That's wonderful. My party is such a flop even you can't wait to leave.

L: 哎哟,有什么关系?只要我们能参加另一个party就好了。我已经等不及了,赶快走吧!

今天李华学会了两个常用语:psyched和to flop。Psyched在这里就是"精神高昂,盼望某件事情"的意思,to flop就是"失败,不成功"的意思。

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