61:twenty-four seven; duh


L: Michael,这音乐会真不错,就是太长了。我啊快要饿死了!快去找个地方吃东西吧!

M: Alright. There's a cafe on the corner over there, I think it's open 24-7.

L: 对,前面就有家咖啡馆。你说那个cafe 24-7, 24-7是什么意思呀?

M: I said it's open 24-7. You know the number 24, and seven, right? 24-7 means it is open all the time.

L: 我知道了!就是说一天二十四小时,一个星期七天它都开门。对不对?

M: You've got it! In the U.S. a lot of small diners, convenience stores and gas stations are open 24-7.

L: 对,我看到一些小饭馆,还有一些杂货店还有加油站,他们都是二十四小时营业的。Michael, 那24-7是不是只能用在商店哪?

M: Not at all! It can be used for anything. For instance, Li Hua, if you ever have an emergency, you can call me any time, 24-7.

L: 噢,24-7可以用在任何场合。你说要是我遇到紧急情况,可以在任何时候打电话给你。Michael, 你真是太好了。不过,我想我可能会先打911。

M: Yeah, that's probably a better idea. 911 operates 24-7. Li Hua, can you use this phrase now?

L: 让我想想。有了。期终考试前,我肯定很多人为了准备考试,交报告晚上开夜车,所以可以说:Many students worked 24-7 before the finals. 对不对?

M: You're right. I was also up 24-7 studying and writing before the finals.

L: 那最后一个礼拜真够呛。现在总算轻松了。

M: That's right! Woo Hoo! Hey, after we eat, let's go dancing somewhere.

L: Michael,你还没有玩够呀!

M: Now that we are on vacation, I'm ready to party 24-7!


L: Michael,这饭馆开门吗?

M: Well, duh, Li Hua! The lights are on and there are people inside. What do you think?

L: 你说什么? Duh? 那是骂人的意思吗?

M: No, I didn't say anything bad! All I said was "duh". When someone says something that you think is very obvious, or asks you a stupid question, you can say "duh".

L: Duh! 也就是说我刚才问这个饭馆有没有开门是个傻问题,所以你就说:duh!就像是我们中文里说的"废话"!Michael, 他们这里有咖啡吗?

M: Duh, Li Hua. Of course they have coffee here. Practically every restaurant in the States has coffee.

L: Michael, 我只不过随便问一句,你就又来duh, duh, duh...真讨厌!

M: Oooh! Sounds like you are getting a little grumpy, Li Hua. I guess you are pretty tired, huh?

L: Duh, Michael! 现在都已经半夜一点半了,你还问我累不累?我才该对你说"duh"!

M: Ok, Ok, calm down. I'll just get a coffee to go, and give you a ride home. It sounds like you need some sleep.

L: Duh! 我当然想睡觉了!不过,买了咖啡在路上喝,然后你开车送我回家。这倒是个好主意。

M: I see you are not the kind of person who like to party 24-7!

L: Duh! 我悃成这样,你看我是个喜欢整天整夜party的人吗?

李华今天学到两个常用语,一个是:24-7,意思是一天二十四小时,一周七天都工作,或者是成天成夜地干什么事。另一个是:duh, 意思是:废话,当然咯。

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