62:pull soth. off; strike out

今天Michael正在设法买票和李华一起去看世界职业棒球赛的决赛。李华学到了两个习惯用语:to strike out 和to pull something off。

M: Well, Li Hua, I struck out again. It looks like my cousin won't have any world series tickets to sell to us after all.

L: 你说什么?Struck out? 这跟买球票有什么关系?

M: I said I struck out again. Struck out means that I failed after trying several times.

L: 噢,我想起来了!棒球赛里就有strike out这个说法。如果一个击球手三次击球不中,他就strike out, 也就是"三振出局"。所以,strike out的意思是,一件事做了几次也不成功。

M: That's right. Looks like you've got a good grasp of the rules of baseball. Why don't you try and use it in a sentence.

L: 嗯,让我想想。对了,我一个朋友申请了几个学校的研究院,可是没有一所学校接受她。 (English) So, she completely struck out.

M: There you go. You know, even if your friend struck out this year, I hope she tries again. I remember the first year I applied to graduate school, I struck out too. But I learned from my mistakes, and eventually found a good school that accepted me.

L: 原来你和我朋友一样也有申请研究院失败的经历,可是吸取教训后你就成功了,希望我朋友也会如此。

M: Yeah, I was rather pleased to get into graduate school. Too bad I still strike out with the girls. None of the good ones want to go out with me.

L: 嘿嘿,别担心,Michael, 你要求不要太高,一定会找到你喜欢的女孩的。你总不可能一直在这方面strike out吧!

L: 嘿 Michael, 你到底有没有买到棒球决赛的球票啊?

M: No, to tell you the truth, Li Hua, I don't think I can pull it off. There simply are no tickets for sale.

L: 你说什么? Pull it off? 你还在想办法,对不对?

M: I said I don't think I can pull it off. To pull something off - Pull. P U L L. Off. O F F, means to succeed at something very difficult, usually unexpectedly.

L: 噢,To pull something off就是出人意料地做成一件很困难的事情。哎,Michael, 你再举个例子好不好?

M: Ok, most of our friends didn't think that Beijing would be allowed to host the 2008 Olympics, but in the end Beijing pulled it off! I was really surprised.

L: 对,很多人以为中国申办奥运不会成功,但是中国试了几次,终于成功, 也就是pulled it off。Michael, 凭你对中国的了解,你不应该感到惊讶才对嘛。

M: Yeah. I guess so. Anyway, as for the tickets, I don't think I can pull this off.

L: 为什么买棒球赛的票那么难啊?

M: The series has already started, the tickets were sold months ago, and the only people selling them on the Internet want at least $600 a ticket for game 7.

L: 电脑上买票还要六百美元一张?这也太过份了吧?哎,Michael, 反正我对棒球也没兴趣,你就不用给我买票了。

M: You know, Li Hua, I spent the whole afternoon calling people and trying to find tickets. I wish you had said something sooner.

L: 对不起,我知道你花了很多时间。可是,我没想到你这么没能耐,试了半天还是struck out!

Michael和李华想买职业棒球赛的球票,可是没有买到。李华学到了两个习惯用语:to strike out和to pull something off。Strike out表示一件事做了几次都没有成功。To pull something off表示出人意料地做成了一件很困难的事情。

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