69:catch a flick; have no business doing sth.

Michael和李华刚吃完晚饭,两人正在讨论晚上去干什么。李华会学到两个常用语:to catch a flick和to have no business doing something。

M: Dinner was okay. Did you like it?

L: 晚饭是不错,可是我吃得太饱了。

M: Me, too. It's still really early. Do you want to catch a flick or something? We can still make it to the 7:00 pm show.

L: Catch a flick? 那是一种游戏吗?

M: No. Flick is just another word for movie, and to catch a flick means to go to a movie.

L: 噢,原来flick也可以指电影,catch a flick就是去看场电影。哎,怪不得那天我听不懂。那天,生物课的一个同学下了课对我说:Would you like to catch a flick? 我当时还不知道他说什么,所以我就说:No. 其实我很爱看电影。Okay, let's catch a flick.

M: You learned that quickly. I hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger's new flick is pretty good. We could go see that. It's probably pretty violent though.

L: 你想去看阿诺的新电影。好呀! 对,他的电影都有很多打斗的场面,不过,他的电影本来就是动作片嘛。Michael, 我是不是可以把阿诺的动作片叫做action flicks?

M: Yes, that's right, Li Hua. There are also romance flicks, adventure flicks, and comedy flicks.

L: 我知道了,romance flicks就是爱情片, 那,adventure flicks就是惊险片, comedy flicks呢,就是喜剧片,对不对?

M: That's right! What kind of movie do you like best?

L: 我最喜欢看喜剧片,因为comedy flicks会让人发笑,看了以后会很高兴,很轻松。

M: I like action flicks. They are exciting.

L: 好,那我们就去看阿诺的action flick - 动作片好了!

M: Okay, let's catch a flick.


M: That movie was awful! I've never been so bored in my entire life!

L: 啊,你不喜欢这个电影?我倒觉得阿诺演得很象个侦探啊!

M: Are you kidding? That man has no business acting. He is the worst actor ever. I hope he is a better governor.

L: 阿诺has no business acting? 你是说阿诺的工作不是演员? 他明明就是个演员啊!

M: No, I said he has no business acting. When you say someone has no business doing something, it means that they should not do it because they cannot or because they are really bad at it.

L: 噢,说什么人has no business doing something, 就是说这个人不该干这件事或是这一行,因为他的水平太差了。Michael, 你再给我举个例子,好不好?

M: For instance, I have no business teaching Chinese because I don't speak it very well. Now you give me an example.

L: 你说你中文太差,所以不能教中文。还要我举个例子。那太容易了。你呀,没有资格批评阿诺的演技,因为你不是影评家!You have no business criticizing Arnold because you are not a movie critic.

M: Hey, I can still have my opinion. You have no business telling me what I can or can't say.

L: 好,那你就坚持己见吧,我不理你就是了。

M: You have no business being so upset. I'm just making examples.

L: 我也不是真和你生气啦,Michael, 大概是太晚了,我们都犯困了吧!真该回家睡觉了!

M: Okay, good night.

L: 再见!

李华今天学到了两个常用语:to catch a flick表示看电影。To have no business doing something表示某人水平很差,不适合干某件事或者某一行。

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