80:to kick oneself; raw deal

今天Michael和李华正在谈论有关买汽车的事。李华会学到两个常用语:to kick oneself和raw deal。

L: Michael, 你没有买Jerry的车啊?我以为价钱很公道啊!怎么回事啊?

M: Please don't mention that! Jerry sold the car to someone else yesterday. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance.

L: Kicking yourself, kick不就是k-i-c-k,踢球的踢吗?你为什么要踢你自己呢?

M: No, no Li Hua. "To kick oneself" means to feel regret for missing an opportunity, or making a mistake that could have been avoided.

L: 噢,to kick oneself不是真的踢自己,意思是:自己失去了一个好机会而埋怨自己太笨。Michael, 那到底是怎么回事啊?

M: Well, I told Jerry that I wanted to check out some other cars before I made a decision. Someone else bought the car before I had a chance to decide. I'm still kicking myself for waiting too long.

L: 原来你是想等看看别的车以后再做决定,结果Jerry就把车卖给别人了。哎哟,Michael, 你不用埋怨自己啦。不管做什么交易,作决定前仔细考虑清楚总是好的。

M: Well, I guess you're right. When I bought the car I have now, I wasn't careful enough. Later, I found out the car was in very poor condition, and I have been kicking myself ever since.

L: 你看,我说得没错。你买现在这辆车的时候不小心,所以现在老要出问题。哎,Michael, 你呀,买得不好也怨自己,没有买到也埋怨自己。你累不累呀!

M: Hey, speaking of regret, I heard that your ex-boyfriend Ding Yu is doing really well these days. I bet you are kicking yourself for dumping him, huh?

L: 你在说我以前的男朋友丁余?告诉你,不管他现在多有钱我都不会因为跟他分手而后悔。

M: Hmm, I know, when you're a famous professor at a top U.S. university, Ding Yu will be kicking himself for not being nicer to you when you were together.

L: 我要是在美国当了名教授,他再捶胸顿足地后悔也没有用。


L: Michael, 你没有买Jerry的车,那你是不是还想找一辆旧车呢?

M: Yes, I still want to replace my car. But I'm sort of afraid... The last time I bought a car, I got a really raw deal!

L: 你上回买车怎么啦?什么是raw deal?是不是不好的意思?

M: That's right! A raw deal. Raw. A "raw deal" means an unfair deal, or to be treated roughly and unfairly by someone.

L: A raw deal就是吃了亏的交易。你的意思是,你上次买这辆车的时候,卖车的人让你吃了大亏?

M: That's right. The week after I bought the car, the engine broke down, and I had to completely replace it! The guy I bought it from refused to pay for it.

L: 车才买了一个星期就出问题。这实在是太倒霉了。这就是所谓的a raw deal。那么,Michael, raw deal是不是只能用在买卖方面的?

M: No, not necessarily. For instance, my Uncle George worked at a factory for over twenty years. Unfortunately, the factory was shut down and George lost his job right before he had a chance to retire. That was a raw deal!

L: That's really a raw deal! 我听到好几个这样的例子了。一个人在一个公司做了几十年,还没来得及退休公司就关门了。退休金全完了。我舅舅的工厂关门前,他工作了八个月,到现在还没拿到工资呢!

M: That's really a raw deal!

今天李华学到了两个常用语:to kick oneself和raw deal。To kick oneself是由于错过了机会而怨恨自己。Raw deal就是在跟别人打交道时吃了亏。

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