81:zip; drama queen

李华和Michael这个周末什么功课都没有,原来准备好好玩一玩,可是后来计划落空。李华会学到两个常用语:zip和drama queen。

L: 嗨,Michael, 你这个周末有功课要做吗?

M: Nope. I don't have to do zip. I'm free the whole weekend.

L: 你不用做zip? 那是什么意思呀?Zip不是衣服上的拉链吗?

M: No, I mean zip as in zero or nothing. I don't have zip means I don't have anything to do.

L: 噢,zip可以解释为"零","什么也没有"。那你的意思是你周末什么事也没有,对不对?

M: Yes. If you ask me for money and I don't have any, I could say I haven't got zip. Get it?

L: 知道了,你没有钱,我本来也没有想问你借钱啊。

M: Good. Now, do you have any money I could borrow. I want to buy a coke.

L: "No, I don't have zip." 我这么说对不对?

M: Yes, you used it right, but I really want to buy a coke.

L: 你真的要问我借钱哪?Michael, 我可真是没有钱,我不骗你。

M: Oh well, I guess I'll have to go to the bank before we can do anything interesting this weekend. If I don't have any cash, then we won't be able to do zip.

L: 没错,你要不到银行去取钱,那周末我们哪儿也去不了。We won't be able to do zip.

M: Now you've learned the word zip. The bank is over there. I'll get some cash and I'll come right back.

L: 快点,我饿了,要去吃晚饭了。嗨,Michael, 你多取点钱,I don't have zip in my pockets.

M: Alright.


L: Michael, 我们周末出去玩的计划全被打乱了。我们的历史教授从电脑上发给我们一个新作业,星期一就要交了。啊呀,我真气死了。

M: Oh, don't be such a drama queen. The assignment can't be that bad, and I know for a fact that you do have free time.

L: 你叫我什么? Drama queen? Drama是戏剧,queen是女王。这两个词合在一起,嘿,我虽然不知道drama queen的具体意思,但是我肯定你是在讽刺我,对不对?

M: Not really. A drama queen is a girl who exaggerates her problems, usually to get attention. Your problem really isn't that bad, but you make it sound like the end of the world.

L: 噢,drama queen原来是说一个女孩,为了引起别人的注意,夸张了她面临的问题。 哎哟,就是小题大作。嗨,我可不是小题大作。我是因为没有时间完成作业,所以我才心烦意乱。

M: Oh, please. You are being a little too dramatic about this homework assignment.

L: 只是一个作业,你说得倒简单!算了,算了,不跟你争了。可能是我还不清楚drama queen的含意,Michael, 你再给我举个例子,好不好?

M: Do you remember my friend, Angela, who called me crying because she couldn't find her math book?

L: 当然记得。她呀,为了找不到她的数学书给你打电话的时候还哭了,我真是难以相信。她好像老是有什么事感到不高兴似的。

M: She is such a drama queen. She makes a huge deal out of losing a book or a bad haircut. Once, she wouldn't talk to me for a week because I forgot to call her back.

L: 对,她总是大惊小怪,小题大作的,丢了一本书也不高兴,剪头发剪得不好也不高兴。你忘了给她打回电,她当然要生气,一个星期不跟你讲话就算客气的了。我可没有象她那样,所以别叫我drama queen.

M: Yeah, you're not quite as bad.

今天李华学到了zip和drama queen两个常用语,zip就是零,什么也没有的意思;drama queen是指那种喜欢小题大作,大惊小怪的女孩子。