82:bail; call it quits

今天Michael和Li Hua在一起做功课。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:bail和call it quits。

M: Agghh! Come on, Li Hua. We've been studying for five hours. I'm ready to bail!

L: 是啊,我们做了5个小时的功课,我也想干点儿别的了。可是Michael, 你说你准备做什么?You're ready to bail。bail, 那是一种游戏吗?

M: No, silly. I said "I'm ready to bail". "To bail" as in "to leave".

L: 噢,To bail在这里是"离开"的意思。可是明天就要考试了,我们还没复习完呢!

M: Please, Li Hua. I already know the material. I'm ready for tomorrow's test. Let's bail and get something to eat!

L: 好吧,我肚子也饿了,Let's bail and get something to eat! Michael, 你对明天的考试这么有把握,你是不是昨天晚上就开始复习啦?

M: Not really. I went to a movie with some friends last night. After the movie, they wanted to go to a dance club, but I bailed on them and went home to get some sleep.

L: 噢,你昨天晚上和朋友去看电影,然后你的朋友们去跳舞,可是you bailed on them, 意思就是你没和他们一起去,对不对?

M: That's right. I bailed on my friends and went home.

L: 噢,那Michael, 除了可以说bail on someone, 还可不可以说bail on something呢?

M: Of course! For instance, last week I had a dentist appointment, so I had to bail on history class.

L: 对啊,上星期,你因为要去看牙,所以没有上历史课,You bailed on history class.

M: Come on, Li Hua. I'm starving. Let's bail and get something to eat!

(Door open and the two leave...)


M: (in restaurant) By the way, Li Hua, I heard that Jack isn't going to be in school next term. Is he really calling it quits?

L: 什么?Jack下学期就不来上学啦?你说他calling it quits, quit 不就是"放弃"的意思吗?你是说Jack下学期就要退学啦?

M: Ya, that's right. "To call it quits" means to quit doing something. I heard that Jack is calling it quits.

L: 噢,to call it quits意思就是"停止做某件事",可是,我听说Jack只不过是想先打半年工,多挣点钱,明年他还会回来继续上学,He's not really calling it quits.

M: That's good to hear.

L: Michael, 那这个to call it quits还可以用在别的地方吗?

M: Sometimes "to call it quits" means to break up a relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

L: 噢,原来to call it quits还可以用来表示男女朋友分手,这就让我想到啦,不久前好莱坞电影明星Ben Afleck和Jennifer Lopez, 他们俩本来都订婚了,可是后来又推迟了婚礼,大家就觉得很奇怪啊:Are Ben and J-Lo calling it quits?

M: (sighs) I can't stand those two. I hope that this time they are calling it quits for real, so I never have to hear about them again.

L: 你倒希望他们俩真分手,这样你再也不会听到他们的消息啦。嗨,Michael你也真是的,他们写他们的,你不看不就得了。你不是老说功课太多吗?对了,你还说选修的阿拉伯语课太难 - Are you going to call it quits?

M: No, I'm not going to call it quits! I am going to finish it.

L: 哇,从来没见过你这么大的决心呐!我还记得你学中文的时候有好几次都想call it quits呢!

M: Whatever.

今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是bail, 表示"离开"。另一个是call it quits, 意思是"停止做某件事"。

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