88:snap; spaced out

今天Larry和Li Hua一起打保龄球,Li Hua会学到两个常用语:snap和spaced out.

(SFX of bowling alley)

LL: Hey, Li Hua, you look nervous. Have you ever bowled before?

LH: No, 我从来没打过保龄球,所以当然紧张啦!

LL: Don't worry, Li Hua, bowling is a snap. You'll figure it out in no time.

LH: 你说bowling是什么 - a snap? To snap不是对别人嚷嚷、说话态度很凶的意思吗?

LL: That's right. "To snap at someone" is to speak rudely, but snap can also be used as a noun. If we say something is a "snap" that means it's very easy and can be learned quickly.

LH: 噢,我懂了,snap用作动词的时候,意思就是对人很凶,不过你刚才说的snap是用做名词,要是我们说something is a snap, 意思就是很容易就能学会的事,哎,那不就是我们中文里所说的"小菜一碟"吗?

LL: Yes. So, now you'll understand what I meant by saying "bowling is a snap!"

LH: 你说"保龄球容易学"?可是,我怎么觉得挺难的呢?

LL: Well, if you think bowling is hard, then what do you think is a snap?

LH: 让我想想 -- 骑自行车挺容易的。我一个下午就学会了。

LL: So you think riding a bike is a snap -- I agree, once you learn how to ride a bike, it's a snap. Hey, Li Hua, you know what else is a snap?

LH: No, what else?

LL: Beating you at bowling is a snap. Look, I'm 50 points ahead of you.

LH: 这太不公平了!我以前从来就没有打过保龄球,你可能已经打过几百次了!我能打到那么多的pins就算不错了。

LL: You're right, Li Hua. It's not fair. Here, I'll teach you. Then you'll see what a snap it is.

(Sound of ball being thrown)


LL: Li Hua, did you enjoy bowling?

LH: Yes, 保龄球挺好玩的,可是也挺累人的。

LL: Yeah, I agree. I feel kind of spaced out.

LH: 你说你觉得怎么样了 - spaced out? Larry, 你是身体不舒服吗?

LL: No, no. Feeling spaced out means feeling kind of detached and unfocused. I sometimes feel spaced out when I'm tired.

LH: 噢,我懂了,feeling spaced out意思就是"觉得昏昏沉沉的,注意力难以集中"。就是啊,一个人太累的时候是会感到昏昏沉沉,周围发生什么事都不知道。

LL: Yeah, but sometimes it might be for no reason. For instance, I might feel spaced out at class - I would be thinking about baseball, instead of listening to the teacher.

LH: 你上课的时候还会想起棒球赛呀!哎呀,那你走神儿也走得太厉害了吧!

LL: All right, Li Hua. Now don't tell me you've never felt spaced out yourself.

LH: 我当然也有迷糊的时候啦,比如上星期,我心不在焉地去上课,结果走错了教室。

LL: Last week, I was really stressed over the exams. I was so spaced out that I forgot my father's birthday. I felt terrible.

LH: 什么,因为要考试,你紧张得连你爸爸的生日也忘记啦?那你爸爸肯定很生气罗?

LL: No, he knows me very well - bowling is a snap for me; but exams always make me very nervous.

今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。snap用作名词,意思是"轻而易举的事"。Spaced out就是"昏昏沉沉、注意力不集中"。

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