121 to be beat; to O.D.

今天Larry和李华花了大半天时间在购物中心里,采购圣诞礼物。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to be beat和to O.D. on something.

LL: The mall was so crowded! I'm totally beat from fighting the crowds all day long.

LH: 就是啊!我从来没有看过这么多人一块儿逛街。哎,Larry,你刚才说I'm beat,是不是说我们挤在人群里的时候,有人打你啊?

LL: No, nobody hit me. The expression "I'm beat" means, "I'm exhausted."

LH: 噢,原来I'm beat,不是打的意思,而是累坏了。其实,我也好累。你想想我们在这儿花了6个小时耶,怎么可能不累。

LL: It would only have taken two hours at most if we didn't have to spend so much time waiting in line to pay for things. I bet the sales people are really beat by the end of the day.

LH: 你说的没错,光是付钱,我们就花了很多时间排队。我看那些售货员一天下来肯定累坏了。

LL: Well, I'm glad I don't work in a store. I'm so beat that I think I'm going to go to bed very early tonight. What about you?

LH: 我也累死了,今晚可能也得早点睡。嘿!Larry, 如果我逛街逛累了,是不是能说shopping beat me?

LL: No, you can only say, "I'm beat from shopping."

LH: 噢,这么说,下星期我要准备期末考试,我应该说:Next week, I'll be beat from studying for my final exams.

LL: Please, don't mention exams. I'm beat just thinking about studying for them.

LH: 哎,Larry,你也别这么想嘛!准备的时候是很累,可是考试考的得好,不也是很高兴的事嘛!

LL: That's true. I hope my family members appreciate the effort I put into finding their Christmas presents.

LH: 你花了那么大功夫买来的礼物,你家人一定会喜欢的。唉!我们俩都累了,还是回家吧。明天见咯!


LH: 嘿, Larry, 你好一点了吗?还是你仍然觉得累呢?

LL: I'm afraid I'm not feeling much better. I caught a cold and then I O.D.ed on cold medicine. Now, I feel really tired and spacey.

LH: 什么,你感冒啦?你还说你O.D.了一些感冒药。那是什么意思?严不严重啊?

LL: "To O.D. on something" is short for "to overdose on something."

LH: O.D.就是服药过量啊?那不是很危险吗?你是不是该去医院检查一下啊?

LL: No, don't worry. Usually, O.D.ing on medicine or drugs is very serious, but I probably took a little bit too much cold medicine, not enough to hurt me.

LH: Oh, 那就好!你刚才真把我吓一跳。其实我也不太舒服。我看了好几个小时的书,现在头好疼呢!

LL: Hey, please don't mention exams and studying. I don't even want to think about exams now that I have a cold!

LH: 好啦!我不再提念书和考试了嘛!Larry, 也许你应该少吃些感冒药,多多睡觉。这样或许会感觉好一些。

LL: I think O.D.ing on some more sleep is a good advice, it's probably the only way I'm going to get through exams with a cold.

LH: 那好,如果你想多睡觉多休息,我可要多叫点比萨来吃,我快饿坏了!

LL: I wouldn't mind having some pizza, too. Order enough for both of us.

LH: Larry, 如果你还能感觉肚子饿,那你肯定没有病的太严重啦!

今天李华学到两个常用语,第一个是to be beat,意思是因为做某件事而累坏了,就是to be beat from something。第二个常用语是to O.D. on something,意思是对某个东西服用过量。
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