122 on edge; give it a rest

李华和Larry今天又到购物中心去采购圣诞礼物。李华会学到两个常用语:on edge和give it a rest.

(Crowded mall FX)

LH: 我真搞不懂耶!还有几个星期就要过圣诞节了,可是有些人看起来好像不是很开心,好像很紧张,很烦躁呢!

LL: Oh, well, when people are busy doing their Christmas shopping, they can sometimes be a little on edge.

LH: 你说他们怎么啦?Edge不是指在某个东西的边缘吗?On edge。那是什么意思呢?

LL: No, no, I said, everyone is on edge that means everyone is a little nervous or in a bad mood.

LH: 原来,on edge就是紧张不安的意思。可是我以为大家都喜欢过圣诞节,不是都要高高兴兴的吗?为什么不开心呢?(grumbles) 哎呀!那个小姐挤到我前面了。这里好挤噢!

LL: People do love Christmas, and Americans are always try to be kinder and friendlier this time of year. But people are under pressure to buy Christmas gifts for all of their friends and family members, which is why a lot of them are on edge right now.

LH: 嗯,忙着采购给每个家人朋友的礼物,是挺有压力的。我其实也有不少压力,学期快结束了,我得交报告,还得买礼物,还要批改学生的考卷。Hey! (yells in English) Watch where you're going!

LL: Calm down Li Hua! I know that you're on edge right now, but try not start any arguments, OK?

LH: 我才没有要和人吵架呢!我只是要那个人小心一点!

LL: Look, everyone's on edge around here, and so are you. It's really easy to start an argument in this kind of situation. Just calm down.

LH: 好嘛!对不起嘛!我想我真的需要冷静一下。Larry我们能不能找个地方坐下,喝点东西?咦!这儿有张桌子,我们坐这儿吧!

LL: Why don't we come back some other time when it's not so crowded. When you're on edge like this, it's better to stay away from other people.

LH: 那怎么行!我们已经费了这么大功夫到这儿来。没买到礼物就回去呢?你怎么啦?

LL: Sorry, Li Hua, I guess I'm a little on edge myself. I still have a lot school work to do for next week, and I want to finish my shopping early so I can relax during Christmas break.

LH: 好,那我们就尽快把礼物买好,赶快回家罗!


LH: 快点,Larry你动作真慢耶! 我还有一些东西要买呢!

LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. I told you, I can't move quickly and carry all of your bags as well.

LH: A rest? 你又要休息啦?我们不是半个小时前才坐下来休息的吗?

LL: No, that's not what I said. I said give it a rest that means stop complaining, talking about, or doing something.

LH: Give it a rest,是停止抱怨或停止做某件事。你的意思是我抱怨太多了?哎!是你浪费太多时间,首先,你到我家时就已经迟到半个小时...

LL: Oh, give it a rest, Li Hua, I told you, I had to wait because of a traffic accident.

LH: 因为交通事故你迟到,这还说得过去。可是我们来购物中心的路上,你又迷路了3次!

LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. We finally got here. Anyway, you weren't much help.

LH: 好啦,好啦!算了啦!我也受不了在这么挤的地方逛。我今天实在不应该来的!

LL: Well, I'm starting to get tired of carrying stuff for you. These bags are heavy!

LH: (In English) Give it a rest, Larry! 你是大男生耶!这些东西对你来说不算什么啦!

LL: Look, I'm tired, I'm a bit on edge, and I have a lot of work to finish this weekend. Can't we just give it a rest and go shopping next weekend?

LH: 好吧!好吧!我们两人今天都有点急躁。也许我们真的应该回家,等有空再来买礼物吧!

今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是on edge, 意思是紧张不安,脾气急躁。另一个常用语是give it a rest。意思是停止抱怨或是停止做某件事。
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