124 hardcore; take it out on sb.

李华和Larry在看大学美式足球赛。今天李华会学到两个常用语:hardcore和to take it out on someone.

(Football crowd noise)

LH: 噢!今天真够冷的。Larry,你看看那边那几个家伙,这么冷的天,还打赤膊,身上涂满了漆。你说,他们这不是疯了吗?

LL: (Yelling) Come on, go, go, go! First down! Yeah! What's that Li Hua? No, those guys aren't crazy. They're hardcore football fans. They want to show how devoted they are to their team.

LH: 你说他们是什么? Hardcore?

LL: I said that they're hardcore fans. Hardcore means that they are very serious, and uncompromising. They are extremely devoted fans.

LH: 噢!我懂了,hardcore就是指非常认真,非常投入的球迷。Larry, 这个hardcore是不是只能用来形容球迷呢?

LL: No, hardcore can refer to people who are really devoted to a sport, hobby, or belief of some kind.

LH: 噢,hardcore 还可以指那些对某种运动、嗜好或信仰狂热的人!

LL: For instance, my cousin John is a hardcore mountain climber. He's going to go to Alaska in the middle of winter just to climb a mountain for fun!


LL: Yeah, And you know Lisa, she's a hardcore shopper. The day after Christmas, she waited in front of a department store at 5:00 o'clock in the morning in order to buy some good stuff on sale.

LH: 对,我听说了,Lisa圣诞节第二天早上五点就去排队买减价商品。我说了下回跟她一起去买东西。

LL:I'm sure Lisa will turn you into a hardcore shopper too.


(Crowd cheering)

LH: 好啦!Larry, 我们的校队已经落后20分,比赛只剩下10分钟。看样子是没希望了。我们可不可以回去啦?

LL: (Angry) Fine! Let's go.

LH: 嘿!别生气嘛!你如果还想看,我们可以留下来啊!

LL: Sorry Li Hua. I shouldn't take it out on you because I am disappointed about the football game. You're right, we should leave early.

LH: 你说你不该怎么啦!Take it out on me?你是要从我这儿拿走什么吗?我听不懂耶!

LL: No, that's not what I mean. To take it out on someone means to vent one's anger or frustrations on someone who is innocent.

LH: 噢!to take it out on someone, 就是把怒气发泄在别人身上。就像我们中文里说的在别人身上"出气"嘛。球队输了你心里不高兴就想对我发脾气。哎,没关系,你再给我举个例子当作陪礼就行了!

LL: Hmm, well sometimes when someone has a bad day at work, they might take it out on their kids by yelling at them.

LH: 这是常见的。有的人办公室里碰到不高兴的事,回家就对孩子嚷嚷。我很幸运。我爸爸从来不把工作上的怨气发在我们头上。

LL: My father never took it out on us either. But my brother would always take it out on me whenever he was angry about something.

LH: 嗯,哥哥的欺负弟弟妹妹也不少见。Larry,告诉你,我心里不高兴的时候,也会对学生发脾气。

LL: Really? You're so mean! How did you take it out on them?

LH: 怎么在学生身上出气呀?那还不容易! 给学生来个突击测验。

LL: Well, it's kind of unfair to take it out on your students, but I guess a little quiz can't hurt them. It can only make them study harder.

LH: 好了,我们还是赶快走吧。待会儿球输了,这些球迷还不知要怎么发泄他们的怒气呢!

LL: (Chuckles) Oh, take it easy, Li Hua. They won't take it out on you.

今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。第一个是hardcore, 形容一个人狂热地喜欢某样活动。另一个常用语是to take it out on someone, 是指把怒气发泄在某人身上。
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