125 toss; digs

Larry在准备搬家,李华特别去Larry家帮他收拾装箱。今天李华会学到两个常用语: to toss something和digs.

LL: Hey, Li Hua, what do you think of this sweater? It's got several holes. Should I toss it?

LH: 你要把这件毛衣扔给我装箱?你自己说有好几个洞了,还留它干嘛?扔了算啦!

LL: That's what I meant. I didn't mean to toss the sweater to you. I mean to throw it out. To toss something means to throw something out.

LH: 噢,原来to toss it就是把东西扔了的意思。这件毛衣真的该丢了。其实还有一些衣服你也该丢掉了。

LL: Hey, I didn't ask your opinion of my wardrobe. I just wanted to know if I should toss that one particular sweater.

LH: 哎!我也只是帮你忙啊。如果你不要我帮忙,那就算喽!我才不管你衣柜里哪些衣服该丢,哪些不该丢呢!

LL: Okay, since you're so eager to help: Should I toss this pair of shoes, too? They're really old and gross.

LH: 这还要问啊?你这双鞋又旧又脏的,当然该丢掉喽!还有你那件黄的T恤衫也可以扔了。

LL: No, I'm going to use that as a rag for cleaning my new apartment. I hate to toss something that I can still find a use for.

LH: 你想拿那件破衣服来当抹布,废物利用,这倒是不错。Hey,Larry, 冰箱里的这些苹果都烂了,可以扔掉了吗?

LL: Yes, I'm afraid that there is quite a bit in the refrigerator that needs to be tossed. I buy things and then I'm never home to eat them.

LH: 我也是,经常买了东西不吃,最后又扔掉。也许下回该买些冷冻食品,不然,让食物烂了又扔掉,好浪费哟!

LL: You're right. It's really terrible to toss out food.

LH: 好吧!我先帮你清一清冰箱里的东西,我可以把烂掉的食品全都扔掉吗?Can I toss them out?

LL: You can toss out whatever you think needs to be tossed.


LL: Well, how do you like my new digs?

LH: Digs? Dig 不是"挖"的意思。你在说什么啊?这是你的新公寓耶!

LL: My new "digs" is my new apartment, Li Hua. "Digs" is slang for one's place of residence.

LH: 嗨,dig不是挖土,挖洞的挖吗!你用的是名词,还是多数。Digs,所以,这就是指一个人住的地方。

LL:That's right. My new digs is a bit empty now, but once I move my stuff in, this should be a nice apartment.


LL: Hey, I'm not that messy! I like to keep my digs nice.

LH: 对,你不算太乱,但是也不见得是那种非常整洁干净的人。

LL: Okay, you're entitled to your opinion, but I am also entitled to disagree with you. I happen to be very proud of the way I maintain my digs.

LH: 我当然可以保留我的意见咯! 你也完全可以不同意我的看法。其实,你的家只要你自己满意就行了。说正经的,Larry你要不要我帮你布置新家,your new digs?

LL: Let's just take care of moving first. Once all of my stuff is here, we can talk about decorating.

LH: 那也是,还是先搬完了再说,再不赶快搬,今晚你恐怕得在旧公寓里睡觉喽!

今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是to toss something, 就是把东西扔掉的意思。另一个常用语是digs。这是指一个人的居住的地方。
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