132 tie the knot; drop-dead

Larry和李华今天去给他们的朋友Jim买结婚礼物。Jim下个周末就要结婚。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to tie the knot和drop-dead gorgeous.

LL: I can't believe Jim is going to tie the knot! He seems too young to get married.

LH: Jim已经25岁啦。25岁结婚还算早啊!你说Jim要tie the knot. Tie是绑的意思,knot是结,"打个结"和结婚有什么关系?

LL: "To tie the knot" is slang for "to get married."

LH: 噢!to tie the knot就是结婚的意思啊!好奇怪噢!为什么要用打结来形容结婚呢?

LL: As far as I know, a very old type of wedding ceremony involved tying a knot to symbolize the joining of the couple's lives and now "tying the knot" has become a synonym for marriage.

LH: 噢,以前的结婚典礼上要打结,表示新郎新娘的生活从此结合在一起。所以才会用tie the knot 来表示结婚。这真有意思。对了,Larry, 你想你大概什么时候会结婚哪?

LL: Whoa, slow down. I need to find a girlfriend first. At this point, I honestly have no idea when I'll get married. What about you?

LH: 我和你也差不多啦!你得找个女朋友,我呢,得先找到一个男朋友哪!

LL: Well, hopefully, someday we'll both find someone really nice to tie the knot with.

LH: 嗯!我也希望我们两个都能找到满意的对象!对了! Larry,你认识Jim的未婚妻吗?

LL: No, I've actually never met her. I'm really curious to see what she's like. According to Jim, she's the most beautiful woman in the world.

LH: 嗯,我明白Jim为什么这样说,每个人都认为自己的另一半是世界上最美最帅的人!

LL: Love does have that effect on people. I certainly hope I tie the knot with someone beautiful.

LH: 其实,只要你是真心爱她,你就会认为她是世界上绝无仅有的大美人!


LL: Li Hua, Jim just showed me a picture of his fianc业. She's drop-dead gorgeous!

LH: 你看到Jim未婚妻的照片啦?你说她drop-dead gorgeous? 那是什么意思?是不是说她很丑?

LL: No, she's beautiful. "Drop-dead gorgeous" is a way to describe someone who is incredibly attractive.

LH: 原来drop-dead gorgeous的意思是非常漂亮,美极了。所以你认为Jim的未婚妻是个超级大美女喽?那她到底长什么样?

LL: She looks like a super model.

LH: 哇!像个超级模特啊!那真是美得不得了了!Larry, 我有个问题。我能不能用drop-dead gorgeous来形容很帅的男人呢?

LL: Well, I probably wouldn't call another man drop-dead gorgeous, but you can. Why? Who do you think is drop-dead gorgeous?

LH: 嗯,我也不知道谁可以称得上是drop-dead gorgeous的大帅哥。哎,不过经过你这一问,我想电影明星Brad Pitt应该可以算是drop-dead gorgeous的帅哥吧!

LL: Yeah, I'm sure there are a million other women who agree with you.

LH: 好啦!现在该你了!你觉得谁算得上是drop-dead gorgeous的大美人啊?

LL: Besides Jim's fianc业? I think that Lisa from our history class is pretty close to being drop-dead gorgeous.

LH: 你是说历史课的那个Lisa?我从来没注意过。哎!既然你觉得她很漂亮,为什么不约她出去呢?

LL: She has a boyfriend. Unfortunately, most drop-dead gorgeous girls I meet already have a boyfriend.


今天李华学到两个常用语是to tie the knot。就是指结婚。另一个常用语是drop-dead gorgeous,是形容一个人非常美丽,非常好看的意思。
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