138 juice; nuke


LL: Darn! My cell phone is out of juice. Can I use your cell phone to call Bob and Lisa and find out why they're late?

LH: 你的手机怎么啦?Out of juice, juice是果汁。哎噢!该不是你的电话掉到果汁里啦?难怪不能用啦!

LL: No, my cell phone is out of juice. "Juice" is slang for "power". I meant that the battery in my phone is out of power.

LH: 噢,原来juice在这里是指电池里的电啊!所以out of juice就是没电的意思。既然你的手机没电了,你可以用我的,我昨晚才充过电,so it has plenty of juice.

LL: That's fortunate. At least one of us has a functioning phone.

LH: 对了,Larry你前些天不是说你的车有毛病吗?现在怎样啦?

LL: Yes, my car wouldn't start because the battery was out of juice. I had to go to the mechanic and get a new battery.

LH: 原来是车子里的电池也没电啦!看来这juice还真少不了,否则什么也干不了。昨天,我的激光唱机没有电。噢,没有juice了,偏偏我又找不到电池,害得我什么也听不了。

LL: Yeah, I hate it when that happens, too. The other day, I was in the middle of typing a report on my laptop, when the battery ran out of juice. I almost lost the whole report.

LH: 哇,你可得特别小心电脑的电池呢。如果电脑没电了,你输入的报告还有档案都可能会泡汤。那可就严重了!

LL: I know! I've had some awful experiences with that. Fortunately, now computer companies are making laptops with batteries that hold more juice.

LH: 就是,现在的电脑用的都是容量比较大的电池,所以打到一半没电的情况比较少了。Larry, 你还是快点儿给他们打电话吧!电影很快就要开始了。


LH: 我真不敢相信Lisa和Bob居然说好了会不来。太糟糕了!

LL: Yeah, I agree. Do you still want to go out to dinner? Or do you want to nuke the pizza that's in my fridge and eat that?

LH: "Nuke a pizza"? "Nuke"是nuclear核能的简称。哎,Larry,你准备怎么吃那块比萨饼呀?

LL: Oh, to nuke something is slang for cooking it in the microwave.

LH: 噢,你真吓了我一跳呢!原来to nuke是把东西放进微波炉里加热啊!所以你是说你想把冰箱里那块pizza热来当晚饭吃。

LL: Well, it would save some money. I also have some frozen dinners we could nuke. It would be faster than going to a restaurant.

LH: 嗯,吃冷冻食品是比去餐馆吃饭是比较快,又便宜,可是我觉得冷冻食品不好吃耶!吃东西还是要吃新鲜的好!

LL: My cousin won't eat food that's been nuked at all. She thinks that using a microwave is unhealthy.

LH: 真的吗?你表妹说微波过的食物都不健康。那微波食物真的对身体有害啊?

LL: I don't know and I don't want to know. Nuking food is so convenient and quick that I really don't want to give it up.

LH: 我知道,微波食物既方便又快速。有时候我实在太忙,没时间做饭,我也是用微波炉来热剩菜剩饭。

LL: I hardly ever have time to cook an entire meal. I'm also not a very good cook, so I would probably starve without a microwave.


今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是juice,也就是电源,电力的意思。 另一个常用语是nuke,是用微波炉加热的意思。
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