228 sick; souped up

Larry和李华今天去看赛车。 李华会学到两个常用语sick和souped up。

LH: Larry,你看, 每辆赛车都不一样,各有独特之处,真有意思。

LL: That car over there is totally sick. Look at the paint and the tires. That is so cool. I'd love to have a car like that.

LH: That car over there is totally sick? 你说那辆车有病,可你又说它很酷。有病是坏事, 很酷是好事。你究竟在说什么呀?

LL: Cool means I like that car, sick means I like the car too. If I say something is sick, that means it's really good, I like it, it's special.

LH: 原来sick 和cool是一样的意思,都是指很好,很特别。这里的sick跟生病毫无关。那我可以说,you are neat Larry, you're special, you are so sick.

LL: Hmm. You shouldn't use sick in that way! I would never say my friend is sick or that pretty girl over there is sick.

LH: 你的意思是sick只用来形容一样东西?

LL: That's right. That car over there is sick, those sunglasses you are wearing are sick, that new hat I bought you is sick too.

LH: 我的太阳镜的确很酷,可是你给我买的帽子就很难说了。 Larry你看我的新鞋好看吗?

LL: Totally sick,very nice. Where did you get them?

LH: 特别酷吧。这双鞋是我在学校附近新开的大商场里买的。那商场的建筑很特别 - The structure of that shopping center is very unique...totally sick!

LL: The company that developed that shopping center is owned by a friend of my Dad's, his company is opening new shopping centers every other week.

LH: 那购物中心是你父亲的朋友建的呀? 而且每两个星期就开一个新的购物中心!他肯定很有钱了。

LL: That's for sure. Their revenue is pretty sick。 With company growth like that, I bet my Dad's friend's net worth is pretty sick too.



LH: Larry, 看赛车真有意思。你看,赛车奔驰而过, 人群不断地呐喊助威,多热闹啊。

LL: A lot of people come to car races for the excitement but a lot just come to see the souped up cars.

LH: See the souped up cars? Soup不是汤吗?Souped up cars是什么呀?

LL: Souped up means changed or altered to go faster.

LH: 噢,souped up的意思是经过改装,速度加快了。这里的赛车一定都经过改装。它们的速度比普通汽车要快得多。

LL: That's right. If someone takes an ordinary bicycle and changes the wheels so it can go faster, we can say it was souped up.

LH: 自行车也能改装加速吗?那我的自行车也该换换车胎了。

LL: One time I had a skateboard, but it wasn't very fast. My Dad helped me soup it up with some new parts. After that my skateboard was one of the fastest in the neighborhood.

LH: 滑板也能改装,让它加快速度呀? 你可要注意安全啊。对了,我以前也改装过电脑。我的朋友帮我安装了一些新的电脑软件,那电脑一下子快了不少。我用了好多年,直到没法再加快了。后来我只好再买一个新的。

LL: Souped up is also often used with the Internet. When Google or Yahoo makes an improvement in their search engine, they'll often say that a certain type of search has been souped up.

LH: 对了,上回我看到Google和Yahoo的广告,说它们的搜索引擎速度加快,当时我也不懂什么是souped up。今天才弄清楚,souped up就是为了加快速度而改装。

LL:For some people, souping up motorcycles or cars is their hobby. I knew a guy who was always souping up something in his spare time.


LL: Well, looks like the red car has won the race, let's go home.

LH: 我就说嘛, 那辆红车一定会赢。我们走吧。

LL: Too bad we can't take one of these souped up cars and quickly get home for dinner. I'm hungry.

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是sick,意思是很棒、很酷。 还有一个是souped up, 意思是为了加快速度而改装某样东西。
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