229 get-go; on board

Larry告诉李华他想报名参加救灾,帮助灾民。李华今天会学到两个常用语: get-go和on board。

LL: Li Hua,there was a news report about families whose homes were damaged in a flood and they are not far from where my parents live. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to go help these people.

LH: 对,我今天早上听到这条新闻,说有不少房屋被洪水冲垮了。你要去帮助救灾那当然好咯。不过你刚才说 from the get-go I wanted to go help these people。From the get-go是什么意思呀?

LL: From the get-go means from the beginning. I knew from the beginning, from the get-go, that I wanted to do something to help out.

LH: 原来from the get-go就是一开始的时候。 也就是,你一听到这新闻就想去救灾。我虽然没有想到要去救灾,不过我听到这消息后就马上为灾民的遭遇感到难过。From the get-go, I felt sorry for those people .

LL: From the get-go, I felt the same way. So, this afternoon I am going to go to the American Red Cross to volunteer.

LH: 你今天下午就要去美国红十字会去做义工呀?这太好了。

LL: The Red Cross is a wonderful organization. In any disaster, they are always ready to help, ensuring that the victims have food, water, medicine and shelter from the get-go.

LH: 可不是嘛。美国红十字会是有名的,一有灾情,他们一般都是首先赶到,向灾民提供救济。Larry,你到红十字会打算作些什么呢?

LL: Well, my plan from the get-go has been to stop by the Red Cross and see what kind of help they need. Depending on what they need, I will take a couple days off work and drive to the town hit by the flood to help out.

LH: 对,是要根据他们的需要。你还要向公司请假,开车到灾区去? Larry. 我好佩服你。我从一认识你, from the get-go,就知道你是个好人。

LL: Thanks, Li Hua. That is really nice of you to say. You have been a good friend from the get go, too.

LH: 谁都喜欢和你这样的人作朋友。Larry, 你去红十字会之前,我们先去吃午饭,怎么样?

LL: That would be good. Today I have been hungry from the get-go. Where do you want to go?

LH: 你早就饿啦,那我们就在附近找个地方吧。你看马路对面的这家pizza店怎么样?

LL: Great! That place has been so popular from the get-go!


(Restaurant sounds)

LL: (To waiter) I'll have two slices of cheese pizza please. So, Li Hua, I was wondering if I could convince you to get on board this volunteering effort.

LH: Get on board? 你的意思是让我也参加救灾?

LL: Yes, when I asked you to get on board, I meant would you join me and help out.

LH: 我这两天正好不用教课,所以跟你去一两天没问题。

LL: That would be great! The people at the Red Cross will be so happy to have you on board.

LH: 那我们怎么去呢?

LL: Well, I was thinking we would drive. I was wondering if you would be on board with the idea of renting a van for the trip.

LH: 租个面包车? 租车不是很贵吗?

LL: It is a little expensive. But don't worry, Li Hua, I will pay for renting the van. I'd rather have you on board to help out.

LH: 那好啊, 如果你出钱,我没意见。 .

LL: And since we have a van, I am wondering if we can get anyone else on board. We will have room to take some other people.

LH: 那也是,车里还有好几个空位呢,我的一些学生可能也愿意去灾区服务。

LL: You should ask them, Li Hua, the more people we can get on board to help with the relief effort, the better.

LH: Larry, 我们现在就去红十字会报名吧。让他们知道我们要参加救灾, let them know we are on board.

LL: Good idea, but I really want to finish this pizza first.

LH: I am definitely on board with that! Let's eat!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是from the get-go,意思是从一开始。还有一个是on board,, 意思是赞成、 愿意参加。
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