240 doggie bag; back burner

Larry和李华刚刚在餐馆吃完饭。李华今天要学两个常用语doggie bag和back burner。

LL: This is waaaay too much food for me to finish. I guess I'd better ask for a doggie bag.

LH: 怎么啦,你不会是想吐吧。

LL: Huh? No! I said I am going to ask for a doggie bag. That's a bag that you use to take home leftover food from a restaurant.

LH: 我知道了,就是中国人说的打包。你们叫"doggie bag",是因为美国人一般都把剩下的饭菜喂狗吧?可你没有狗呀。

LL: It's just a figure of speech. I 'm asking for a doggie bag because I plan on eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

LH: 原来是你自己吃啊。美国人这种习惯真好。在中国,大家出去吃饭总要点好多菜,根本吃不了,剩下的,有的就扔了。

LL: The U.S. isn't so different. People originally used the phrase "doggie bag" because they were embarrassed to admit they were saving food.

LH: 怪不得叫 "doggie bag",原来开始的时候美国人也不好意思承认自己节俭,所以说是要喂狗。美国人真觉得这样做丢人吗?

LL: Hmm...well, in the U.S. you wouldn't ask for a doggie bag at a really nice restaurant, or on a formal occasion. But otherwise most people would rather ask for a doggie bag than waste food.

LH: 所以说,在高级饭店和正式场合一般不打包,但除此之外,打包就很正常了。中国现在也差不多,打包越来越普遍,不过我们用的是饭盒。

LL: Yeah, same here. But even though the food usually goes in a box, people still use the term "doggie bag".

LH: 美国人真把剩饭剩菜喂狗吗?

LL: (Chuckles) The food from doggie bags can make a dog fat!

LH: 不光是狗,经常在外面吃,人也会变胖的。账单来了。你得要 "doggie bag" 了。

LL: (To the waiter) Excuse me, could I get a doggie bag for this please?


LH: Larry, 刚才说了半天 "doggie bag"。我还真想养只小狗。

LL: I know, you've mentioned that before. But you'd better just put that on the back burner for now.

LH: 把什么放在炉子上?你在说什么呀?

LL: I said put it on the back burner. That means, you should give your idea of owning a dog low priority, and wait until it is more practical or convenient.

LH: 你是说我养狗不现实,所以不要着急,应该暂时放一放。其实,我要是真的养条狗也没有什么不可以,就是要做出一些牺牲罢了。

LL: Really, you should just put it on the back burner. Taking care of a pet requires money and time.

LH: 你说得也对,养狗又花时间,又费钱,确实应该等毕业有工作了再说。我真恨不得马上毕业。

LL: I know! I have to put so many things on the back burner while I'm in school... I feel like I have no life!

LH: Larry, 你都想干些什么呢?

LL: Well, for instance, Jack and I were working together on an online business, but I am too busy with school to work on it often. I had to put that on the back burner.

LH: 你和Jack要合作在网上做生意,真有两下子呀!

LL: It's on the back burner right now. You know, I was in a rock band for a while, but I put that on the back burner as well.

LH: (Laughs) 摇滚乐队?不会吧。Larry, 我听过你唱歌,你不会真想当摇滚歌星吧?(Cell Phone Rings) 是你的电话。

LL: Whoa, it's Angie. I'll talk to you later, Li Hua. I've got to answer this. I'm going to ask Angie out this weekend.

LH: 谁?你不是要跟Cindy约会吗?怎么又变成Angie了。你可不能脚踏两条船啊。

LL: Cindy? Well, earlier this week, she left for study abroad in Europe, so I had to put her on the back burner.

LH: (Groans) Whatever, Larry!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是Doggie bag, 意思是在外面吃完饭打包用的盒子。还有一个是back burner,意思是暂时不考虑。
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