242 no show; lala land

李华告诉Larry说,她跟一个学生约好,十点在她的办公室见面,谈谈这个学生的成绩,可以这个学生没有赴约。李华今天要学两个常用语no show和lala land。

LL: So, you made an appointment with this student to talk about his grades, and he was a no show?

LH: A no show? 对呀,他没来,没有出现,所以叫no show。这种说法简洁明了。

LL: Right, a no show is some one who doesn't show up when they have agreed to. But, it is really rude to be a no show.

LH: 确实不礼貌。我专门跑到办公室来,等了他好长时间,谁知道他却是个no show。

LL: So, he didn't even call you to tell you that he wasn't going to come? It is even ruder to be a no show and not have called to let the person know you can't come.

LH: 对呀,不来就已经很不礼貌了,连个电话都不打,就更不礼貌了。说实话,我挺意外的,因为这个学生看起来不象是那么不懂事的人。

LL: Well, maybe something unexpected happened to him. There might be a good reason why he was a no show.

LH: 失约还有什么好理由吗?

LL: Well, maybe he was a no show because his car broke down, or he got lost, or even worse maybe he had an accident.

LH: 是呀,我怎么就没想到呢。他的车可能会在半路抛锚。还有他可能会迷路。更可怕的是,还可能会出车祸。我本来挺生气的,让你这么一说,我反而开始替他担心了。

LL: I remember one time when I was in college I made an appointment with a professor and ended up being a no show because my car ran out of gas.

LH: 什么,车跑到半路没油了?你那个教授肯定火冒三丈。那后来呢?

LL: I felt so bad about being a no show, the first thing I did when I got to a phone was call the professor and apologize.

LH: 打电话道歉?那我们再等等吧,也许过一会儿我的学生就会打电话来了。

LL: Have you ever been a no show for anything, Li Hua?

LH: 倒是有一次,我的闹钟没响,所以睡过了头,结果没去上课。

LL: That's not so bad. Lots of students are no shows for classes.

LH: 不好意思的是,那是我教的一门课。(Phone rings) 等等,我接一下电话。


LL: Hey, was that your student? Did he have a good reason for being a no show or was he just in lala land?

LH: 打电话的就是那个学生。你为什么会觉得他在lala land呢?Lala land在哪呀?

LL: Lala land isn't a real place. It is a state of mind. It is where you go when you are day dreaming and not paying attention to the things going on in the real world.

LH: 我明白了,lala land不是一个地方,而是仙境、幻境的意思,做白日梦就是去了 "lala land"。这样说来,那个学生确实是去了lala land。

LL: Really?! He was off in lala land when he forgot his appointment with you?

LH: 没错,他当时正在跟朋友吃饭,完全忘记了跟我约好要见面。

LL: Yes, it sounds like he was in lala land. So what did you say when he told you this?

LH: 虽然我知道"忘了"不能算是失约的理由,但我还是很高兴他能打电话来道歉,谁都有忘事的时候。换句话说,大家可能都到过lala land。

LL: That's right. Just last week I was a no show for a haircut appointment because I was off in Lala land.

LH: 还有更好笑的。昨天我监考,有个学生走过来问我问题。

LL: Let me guess, you were so far off in lala land, you didn't even know the student was there!

LH: 你怎么知道的!我当时确实有点儿心不在焉,那个学生碰了一下我的肩膀才让我醒过神来。

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是no show,意思是失约。另外一个是lala land,意思是身处幻境,心不在焉。
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