243 TMI; PDQ

李华正在兴致勃勃地给Larry将她去看医生的经过,没想到被Larry泼了一盆冷水。李华今天要学两个常用语,TMI和PDQ 。

LL: Oh, Li Hua, that is really TMI. I'm sorry you had to go to the doctor, but I really don't want to hear all about your infected toenail!

LH: 你不想知道医生是怎么帮我处理那个发炎的脚趾甲的吗?TMI? 什么是TMI呀?

LL: T-M-I is an abbreviation for "Too Much Information." I think you were giving me too much information about your doctor's appointment.

LH: 我知道TMI是too much information的缩写,但我还是不明白,你为什么对我看医生漠不关心呢?

LL: Well, you were telling me very specific details about your trip to the doctor, like how he had to cut away part of your toenail, and I thought you gave me too much information. TMI!

LH: 噢,你是不想听医生是怎么把发炎的脚趾甲剪掉,又是怎么把里面的脓....

LL: (Urgently) Please, Li Hua, that really is TMI! Generally, Americans don't like to talk about the specifics of personal matters like a doctor's visit, especially when the details are disgusting!

LH: 原来是这样,就是说凡是像看医生这类的私事,美国人一般不会告诉别人,否则的话就是TMI。

LL: That's right. But you should also not give too much information about your personal relationships.

LH: 我有个朋友叫Sharon,她最喜欢给我讲她跟自己男朋友交往的细节。我也觉得那些都是 TMI 。

LL: How so?

LH: 比如说,她会告诉我,她的男朋友是怎么亲她的。

LL: That is definitely TMI. You probably really don't want to know how Sharon's boyfriend kisses.

LH: 那当然了。我实在不想听,可又不知道该怎么告诉她。

LL: Well, now you do! The next time Sharon goes on and on about her boyfriend you can just say, "Please, Sharon, TMI!"

LH: 我下次一定试试。对不起,Larry, 我得赶紧找个厕所。我刚才喝了一大瓶水。憋死我了。

LL: (Urgently) Li Hua, that is another excellent example of TMI!


LL: You are back, Li Hua. That was PDQ!

LH: 你刚才说TMI "too much information", 现在又说PDQ, PDQ是什么意思啊?

LL: PDQ stands for "Pretty Darn Quick." You came back from the restroom very quickly, you were PDQ!

LH: 噢,你是说我动作快啊,我是不想让你等,当然PDQ啦。

LL: Say, Li Hua, I am getting very hungry. Aren't you? Let's stop chatting and find a place to eat PDQ.

LH: 附近那个三明治的小吃店怎么样?

LL: That's a good idea! The sandwiches are really good and they make them PDQ, which is good because I should really get back to work.

LH: 对呀,他们那里的三明治又好吃又不用等。Larry, 你下午干脆别上班了,我们好好吃一顿,然后去公园。这么好的天气,待在办公室里可惜了!

LL: I wish I could, Li Hua, but I really can't. My boss assigned me a project this morning, and he really wants me to finish it PDQ.

LH: 那好吧,既然你要赶项目,那我们就快吃,你好get back to work PDQ.

LL: What about you, Li Hua? Do you have a relaxing afternoon planned?

LH: 其实我也有事。我的公寓有些地方需要修理,房东下午过来。所以吃完饭,我也要立刻赶回去。

LL: Well, it sounds like we both have things to do this afternoon. Here's the sandwich place. Oh, No! It doesn't look like our lunch is going to PDQ after all.

LH: 今天怎么这么多人,都排到门外了。

LL: Well, it doesn't look like the service will be PDQ today. They must be short-handed.

LH: 我们改去麦当劳吧,快餐店应该不会等太久。

LL: And then we'll need to eat them PDQ, too!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是TMI,意思是别人并不想知道的事。另一个是 PDQ, 意思是非常快。
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