245 rough it; creep sb. out

Larry和李华周末在国家公园野营。李华今天要学两个常用语,rough it和creep someone out。

LL: I just love camping, Li Hua. Isn't it great to be roughing it?

LH: "Roughing it"那是什么意思呀? 听起来好像挺恐怖的。

LL: To rough it means to do without the comforts of civilization.

LH: 噢,rough it就是在艰苦条件下生活的意思。

LL: Right. Here we are camping out in the woods instead of staying in a hotel.

LH:我们没去住旅馆,而是在野外宿营,所以你说这是在rough it. 可是我们有帐篷、有灯笼、还有睡袋,应该挺舒服的。

LL: You know, Li Hua, I really enjoy roughing it. I love to breathe in the fresh outdoor smells and enjoying looking at nature instead of watching TV.

LH: 就是啊,这里空气真新鲜,天好像都比城里蓝。

LL: But there are some people who don't enjoy roughing it. My dad loves camping, but my mother really doesn't.

LH: 你妈妈为什么不喜欢野营?

LL: She really enjoys her comforts. She doesn't like to be too hot or too cold.

LH: 外出野营确实没有在家里舒适。我小时候在中国根本从来没有野营过。我父母都不喜欢rough it.

LL: While some people don't like to rough it, there are times when you have to. Do you remember the big hurricane we had last year?

LH: 当然记得。那场大风刮断了电线,害得我们停电一星期,只好因陋就简,用蜡烛照明,用煤气炉烧饭。

LL: Even though we were in our houses, we had to rough it a little until the power came back on.

LH: Larry, 这儿的洗手间在哪?

LL: Well, you know, Li Hua, we ARE roughing it.

LH: 不会连洗手间都没有吧!那你刚才...

LL: Ha ha, just kidding, Li Hua. There is a restroom down the path over there. I may like to rough it, but there is no way I am going to a campground without a bathroom!


(Owl sounds, other night sounds)

LL: What is that sound, Li Hua?! It is really creeping me out, and I can't sleep.

LH: Larry, 不过是只猫头鹰而已。别担心,猫头鹰是不会爬到你身上来的。

LL: Even though "creep" does mean to crawl slowly along the ground like a worm or a caterpillar, that isn't what I meant by "creep out."

LH: 那你说creep out里面的creep不是爬的意思?那是什么意思啊?

LL: When I said it crept me out, I meant the sound of the owl was bothering me or disturbing me so I couldn't sleep. Actually, it was making me a little scared.

LH: 没想到你这样的大男人也会害怕一只猫头鹰。

LL: Come on, Li Hua. You've got to admit it is a little scary being out in the woods all by ourselves. Aren't you a little crept out, too?

LH: 说实话,我也有点儿怕。对不起, Larry我不该笑话你。

LL: What is creeping you out, Li Hua?

LH: 我倒是不害怕猫头鹰的叫声,可是一想到可能会有蜘蛛和虫子在我睡袋里爬来爬去,我就浑身上下不自在。

LL: Well, we are in the woods, and there are lots of spiders and bugs in the woods. Now that you mention it, spiders creep me out, too. We'll never get to sleep.

LH: 那要不咱俩儿说点儿别的,没准注意力一转移,就不会去想那些吓人的事了。

LL: When I was young and went camping with my friends, we always told ghost stories to each other. We had a lot of fun creeping each other out.

LH: 什么,讲鬼故事?Larry! 不许吓唬我!我们现在是要设法不去想那些吓人的事,不是creep each other out!

LL: I guess you are right, Li Hua...

(Snoring sounds)

LL:Hey, did you hear that? I heard another strange noise that is really creeping me out.

LH: 别闹了。那是我在打呼噜呢!我不行了,快睡吧!

今天李华学到了两个常用语.一个是rough it, 意思是在艰苦的条件下生活。另一个是creep someone out, 意思是让人毛骨耸然。
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