260 dead; happening


LL: Gosh, there is hardly any one here, Li Hua. This party is really dead!

LH: Larry. 这里每个人明明都活得好好的,你为什么说the party is dead呢?

LL: Well, because there aren't very many people here, there isn't much conversation and laughter. When a party isn't lively, we say it is DEAD. And this party is dead.

LH: 噢,你是说这个party不热闹,了无生气啊。现在时间还早,也许一会儿就热闹起来了。

LL: I hope so. Speaking of places being dead today, I went into work for a little bit to get some things from my desk. There was no one in the office - it was completely dead.

LH: 那当然了,今天是除夕,没有什么人会去办公室的。

LL: I guess the college campus must be dead now, too.

LH: 不光是今天,期终考试结束后,学生们都回家过年了。The campus has been dead for two weeks.

LL: So, Li Hua, do you mind being on campus when it is dead like it is now?

LH: 确实有点孤单,不过人少也有人少的好处。比方说,图书馆里就特别安静。

LL: Oh, I bet the library is completely dead! I mean, who would be studying over the break?

LH: 我啊!不过你说的没错,校园里确实没有什么人,可是停车特别方便。

LL: I know what you mean about the convenience. This year I made sure to do my Christmas shopping at a time when the shopping mall was really dead.

LH: 圣诞购物季节,商店里到处都是人。I cannot imagine a mall being dead during the holidays.

LL: I went early on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Since most people work during those times, it was pretty dead at the mall.

LH: 这倒是个好办法,可以避开购物的人群,不用跟别人挤来挤去的。

LL: That's right, Li Hua. Hey, look, the party isn't so dead any more! Some more people have shown up, and the music has started.

LH: The party isn't dead at all. 你想去跳舞吗?


LL: Sure, I'd love to dance, Li Hua. Now the party is really happening!

LH: 如果我没猜错得话,Happening是dead的反义词吧?

LL: You are right, Li Hua. It is the opposite of a "dead" party. A happening party is one that is lively and exciting - and where lots of different things are happening.

LH: 是啊,这个party好像一下子就热闹起来了。

LL: Frank has done a good job. It is because of parties like this that I love the holidays. Christmas and New Year's are such happening times of the year.

LH: 就是啊,新年圣诞确实热闹,大家都跟亲朋好友在一起,不过我也很喜欢春天和夏天。

LL: Why do you like spring and summer, Li Hua?

LH: 放春假和暑假我可以到外地去,visit some more happening places.

LL: I can't imagine a more happening place than New York City. I mean here in New York there is always something going on!

LH: 纽约确实很热闹,可是美国还有其他热闹的地方啊。

LL: I suppose that is true. I've heard San Francisco has a very happening art scene.

LH: 我就很想去旧金山看看。还有,我还特别喜欢美国的布鲁斯音乐,所以很想到孟菲斯去。

LL: I don't know, Li Hua. I visited Memphis once, and I didn't think it was a very happening place. But then again, I am not a fan of Blues music.

LH: 猫王的雅园就在孟菲斯。我一直想去看看。我想,他当年在雅园一定开过很多热闹的派对。

LL: Elvis was famous for his wild parties. Look, the party is really happening now.

LH: Come on, Larry. 我们去跳舞吧,这么热闹的party, 我可不想就站在这儿。Let's go have some fun!

LL: Okay, Li Hua! Now this is my idea of a happening time!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是dead, 指了无生气。另一个是happening,指非常热闹。
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