263 get into; grubby

李华在学校租了一块花圃,让Larry来帮忙。李华今天要学两个常用语,get into和grubby.

LL: I think it is great that you have rented a garden plot, Li Hua, but I don't think I can really get into gardening.

LH: You don't think you can "get into" gardening, Larry? 相信我,一点都不难,你只要跟我一起去,进了花圃就行了。Then you will be in the garden.

LL: Well, I may be in the garden, but that doesn't mean I'll get into gardening. To "get into" something means to really like something or to enjoy doing something.

LH: 噢,原来你说的get into是喜欢的意思。那你说you don't think you can get into gardening。意思就是说你不u会喜欢上园艺了?

LL: Right. I am sorry, Li Hua, because I know how much you get into gardening.

LH: 不过,你起码应该试试看啊!

LL: Okay, Li Hua. I'll try it. Maybe I'll learn why you have gotten into gardening.

LH: 我喜欢园艺完全是因为我妈。我们小时候,她总是在家里的院子里种很多菜。

LL: That sounds nice. Fresh grown vegetables are so much better than the ones in the grocery store.

LH: 那你呢,Larry? What do you get into?

LL: Oh, you know me, Li Hua. I love computers. You know I really get into video games. I could play video games all day long.

LH: 我永远搞不懂你为什么那么喜欢打电玩,我觉得打电玩很吵,而且打久了会很累。

LL: Well, every body gets into different things. You get into gardening, and I get into video games.

LH: 那也是。还有,我喜欢布鲁斯,你喜欢摇滚乐。

LL: Yes, and while you can't understand how I can get into video games, Li Hua, I have never understood why you get into blues music. How can you listen to blues music? It just makes me sad.

LH: 我喜欢布鲁斯的节奏和歌手的嗓音。但是我从来无法欣赏摇滚乐。简直吵死了。

LL: I wonder if there is something we can both get into.

LH: 我有个主意。We can both "get into" the car, 到花圃去。

LL: "Get into" the car. Very funny, Li Hua!


(Outdoor sounds, Larry and Li Hua are at the garden)

LL: I should have brought some garden gloves. My hands are getting all grubby from digging in the dirt.

LH: Grubby? 我猜grubby肯定是脏的意思。你的手还真是够脏的。

LL: Grubby does mean dirty. Li Hua, my hands are so grubby, I've got dirt under my fingernails. Yuck!

LH: 真没想到你还挺爱干净。别忘了,园艺一半的乐趣就在于浑身上下沾满泥土。

LL: Well, maybe you think so, Li Hua. I'm just glad I wore some grubby, old clothes. Look how grubby the knees of my pants are!

LH: 别抱怨了!在园圃里干活难免是要弄脏的。

LL: Okay, then I'll stop complaining about being grubby. But, doesn't it bother you, Li Hua?

LH: 不会啊,我喜欢这样。Why don't you like getting grubby, Larry?

LL: I don't think it is that unusual that I don't like getting grubby, Li Hua. But I haven't always been this way.

LH: 你以前不是这样?那你是什么样子呢?

LL: Oh, when I was a kid, I used to play outside all the time. I would come home grubby from head to toe!

LH: 从头到脚都是土? 那你妈妈肯定不高兴。

LL: No, after I came home from a day of playing outside, she would take me by my grubby little hand and take me straight to the bath tub.

LH: 好了,Larry. 今天就干到这吧,你看见那个工具房了吗?

LL: Grubby old tool shed? Oh, yes, I see it.

LH: 你能帮我把这些工具和这个桶放到那里收好吗?

LL: Sure, not a problem, Li Hua!

LH: 谢谢你,Larry. I hope you didn't mind getting grubby too much.

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是get into, 是喜欢的意思。另一个是grubby, 是脏的意思。
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