264 goof around; get halvsies

李华周末来看Larry。李华今天要学两个常用语,goof around和go halvsies.

LL: It sure is nice to see you, Li Hua. But, honestly I've got so many things I have to do right now. I've just goofed around all weekend and haven't gotten anything done.

LH: You goofed around? 这是什么意思啊?

LL: To "goof around" means to not do the things you are supposed to do. And I really didn't do what I was supposed to this weekend.

LH: 噢,原来goof around是游手好闲,不务正业的意思。那你有什么该做的事情没有做呢?

LL: I was supposed to do my laundry, dust and vacuum my apartment, mop my kitchen floor, and clean my bathroom. But because I goofed around, I didn't do any of the cleaning I needed to do.

LH: 洗衣服、还要打扫房间、擦地板,这么多事啊!那你这两天都干了些什么呢?

LL: Instead of doing my housework, I watched movies on TV, talked to friends on the phone, and played computer games.

LH: You really did goof around. 又是看电影,又是打游戏的。难道你父母没有告诉过你,只有做完正事以后才能玩吗?

LL: They certainly did, Li Hua. But after a full week of work, I really didn't feel like doing my house cleaning. In fact, I didn't want to do much else besides goof around.

LH: 这我能理解,大家周末都想好好放松一下,不过也不能整个周末都这样无所事事啊。

LL: I know you are right, Li Hua. The weekend is really the only time I have to make sure my apartment is clean and that I have clean clothes.

LH: 现在可倒好,已经星期天晚上了,你明天上班有干净衣服穿吗!

LL: Well, then I've goofed around enough! I really need to do my laundry, Li Hua. So if you don't mind, I am going to get to work.

LH: 我本来想和你出去看场电影,喝杯咖啡的,现在全泡汤了。

LL: Yeah, I am sorry, Li Hua. You shouldn't have to go home, because I goofed around.

LH: 这样好了,我们商量商量,我可以帮你一起打扫房间。

LL: And then afterwards, we could still go for a cup of coffee.


LL: I have a proposal for you, Li Hua. How about we go halvsies on my housework?

LH: Go halvsies,那又是什么意思啊?

LL: To "go halvsies" is to split something in half. In this case, I was hoping you could do half of my housework.

LH: 哎谁让你是我朋友呢!我愿意帮你干一半的家务。可是我们怎么分担呢?

LL: We can go halvsies by me doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom, and you mopping the kitchen and doing the dusting and vacuuming.

LH: 等等,我得写下来,免得你反悔。你说你负责洗衣服和打扫厕所,我负责拖厨房的地板和吸尘。这么多事情,干完肯定累死了。那我们到时候可以出去吃东西。

LL: Well, rather than go out to eat, let's go halvsies on ordering a pizza for delivery.

LH: 你是说咱俩各出一半的钱,点个比萨回来吃?好啊,我同意!

LL: Great! If we go halvsies on ordering a pizza for delivery right to the apartment, we will still have a lot of time. I'll call the pizza place. How many pizzas should I order?

LH: 我不是特别饿,点个大号的,就应该够咱俩吃的了。

LL: Okay, then one pizza it is. I'll also order a bottle of soda, and we can go halvsies on that, too.

LH: 汽水?好啊,不过都是你的,我可不想喝。

LL: How about dessert? We can go halvsies on some cookies or a pie?

LH: 我有个更好的主意。与其吃饼干,不如我们干完活一起去吃冰激凌吧,也算是慰劳一下自己。

LL: Good idea! After we finish working, we can go halvsies on some ice cream.

LH: 我可没说要跟你分,整个冰激凌都是我一个人的!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是goof around, 是消磨时间,不务正业的意思。另一个是go halvsies, 是一人一半的意思。
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