265 meltdown; make up

Larry开车接李华去看医生,路上堵车迟到了。李华今天要学两个常用语,meltdown和make up.

LL: I'm really sorry I am late, Li Hua. But there is no need for you to have a meltdown about it.

LH: (生气地)如果meltdown是生气的意思,那没错,I am having a meltdown.

LL: (Sheepishly) Well, Li Hua, perhaps now isn't the best time for an English lesson, but a meltdown is an excessively emotional response to a disappointment or a crisis.

LH: (还是有点生气)meltdown是融化的意思,跟遇到挫败或是危机,情绪过分激动有什么关系呢?

LL: Well, the term meltdown refers to the melting of the core of a nuclear reactor. When that happens, the nuclear reactor becomes unstable and may explode.

LH: 噢,原来是从核反应堆来的。Well, I guess I did have a meltdown. 你今天迟到,我确实很生气。

LL: I must say, it is very unlike you to have a meltdown. You are usually so calm and understanding.

LH: 我生气可是有理由的。你迟到了不是一会儿,而是整整半个小时。看来我去看医生也要迟到了。

LL: I understand why you had a meltdown, Li Hua. But honestly, there is nothing I could do about it. You know how unpredictable the traffic is in New York City.

LH: 也是,我刚才太急了,没有给你解释的机会。你在路上遇到什么状况了吗?

LL: Well, there was a car accident that blocked traffic for a long time. It wasn't very serious accident, but when the two drivers got out of their cars, there was a total meltdown in communication.

LH: 你为什么说这两个司机之间发生了total meltdown呢?

LL: Well, one driver was really angry. He was all red in the face and was yelling loudly. I could tell he was having a meltdown.

LH: 啊,脸红脖子粗的大吵大闹,真是够吓人的。那另外一个司机呢?他们俩没打起来吧?

LL: The other driver ended up having a meltdown, too - but in a different way. When the first driver started yelling at her, she started to cry.

LH: 原来还是个女的,真可怜。警察来了吗?

LL: By the time the police arrived, the two drivers had recovered from their meltdowns and were calm. The police officers were very professional.

LH: 还好最后得到了圆满解决,最重要的是没有人受伤。对不起,Larry,我刚才不问青红皂白就对你大发脾气。

LL: Don't worry about it, Li Hua. Everyone has a meltdown every once in a while.


LL: Well, after that meltdown, don't you think it is time for you and me to make up, Li Hua?

LH: Make up? 吵完架为什么要化妆呢?

LL: No, no. To "Make Up" means to get back to being friends after a fight.

LH: 我已经向你道歉,你也接受了,这就等于是和好了吧?

LL: Yes, I think we have made up. We are still friends, right, Li Hua?

LH: 我们当然是朋友,你也知道,我不会真跟你生气的。I am glad we've made up. 真希望Janet也能跟她的男朋友Tom和好。他们上星期吵架,到现在都不说话。Janet痛苦极了。

LL: Well, sometimes it is hard to make up with some one - especially when the argument is over something serious or someone is really stubborn and won't listen to the other person.

LH: Janet倒并不固执,她很想跟Tom和好,可是Tom好像没有和好的意思。他们是因为Tom跟另外一个女孩子很接近才吵架的。

LL: Hmmm...Well, if Tom hasn't tried to make up with Janet in a week, maybe he is more interested in that other girl.

LH: Larry, 快别说了,我们还得赶去看医生呢!

LL: Don't have another meltdown, Li Hua. I'll get you to the doctor's appointment. I think it was worth taking the time to make up and be friends again, don't you, Li Hua?

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是meltdown, 是情绪过分激动的意思。另一个是make up, 是和好的意思。
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