267 puppy's love; teacher's pet

Larry和李华正在谈论李华的一个学生。这个学生经常在李华办公时间去找她问问题,下课也喜欢多待一会儿再走。李华今天要学两个常用语,puppy's Love和teacher's Pet.

LL: So, Li Hua, you say this student of yours always comes to your office hours and stays after class to talk with you? It sounds like your student has a case of puppy love to me!

LH: Puppy love? 小狗跟我的学生有什么关系呢?

LL: As you know, Li Hua, puppies are very loyal and will follow their masters anywhere. We say a younger person who idolizes an older person has a case of puppy love.

LH: 噢,puppy Love是指年轻人的暗恋。照你这么说,我这个学生对我可能还真有puppy love. 我该怎么处理呢?

LL: Puppy love is usually harmless, Li Hua. I think as long as you remain professional, your student will eventually grow out of his puppy love.

LH: 你是说我要装做没有察觉,等他自己放弃这段感情?你还挺懂行的。Have you ever had a case of puppy love?

LL: Sure, I have, Li Hua. Puppy love is pretty common. I had a French teacher in high school who I really liked a lot. I stayed after class for extra help and was active in the French Club so I could spend more time with her.

LH: 我真难想象你会下课不走问问题,甚至还去参加法语俱乐部,就是为了接近你的法语老师。她知道你暗恋她吗?

LL: I wouldn't be surprised if she did know. I probably wasn't the first student she had with a case of puppy love.

LH: 后来呢?

LL: She just treated me like all the other students. She was friendly and pleasant and didn't call attention to my behavior. Eventually, I grew out of my puppy love.

LH: 所以说,她对你跟其他学生一样,假装没有看出你的感情。这个老师处理得还真是不错。

LL: Yes, she did, and I really respect her for it now that I am older. What about you, Li Hua? Have you ever had a case of puppy love?

LH: 现在提起来,我也曾经有过一段puppy love.

LL: Really, Li Hua? Who were you in puppy love with?

LH: 我上学的时候私下里喜欢美术老师。他年轻潇洒,充满了创造力。不过跟你一样,I grew out of my puppy love when I got older.

LL: And I am sure your student will grow out of his puppy love, too.

LH: 谢谢你,Larry, 现在我知道该怎么对待那个学生了。


LL: So, I have a question for you, Li Hua. Do you have a teacher's pet?

LH: 宠物?Larry, 你知道我养猫啊。

LL: Right, you do have a cat, Li Hua, but a teacher's pet is something a little different. A teacher's pet is her favorite student.

LH: 哦,a teacher's pet是说我最喜欢的学生。Hmm....我有好几个不错的学生,但没有一个最喜欢的。

LL: I can't believe you don't have a teacher's pet, Li Hua. Surely, there is one student who is better than the rest.

LH: 倒是有个叫John的学生,成绩一直是A,上课很积极,如果要说teacher's pet, 那恐怕就是他了。

LL: So, John is your teacher's pet. You said he is helpful in class - that is so typical of a teacher's pet. What kinds of things does he do?

LH: 他经常主动帮我收、发作业,有时候还帮我擦黑板。

LL: Oh, Li Hua, John is absolutely your teacher's pet! You better be careful. The other students may realize it and come to resent John.

LH: 你是说其他学生如果发现John是teacher's pet, 就会妒忌他吗?

LL: That's right. I never was a teacher's pet myself, but I did know other students who were teacher's pets.

LH: 那你对那些同学有什么看法呢?

LL: I was jealous of them and the attention they received from the teacher, and I found them annoying. I bet you were a teacher's pet, Li Hua.

LH: 你怎么知道的!我绝对是teacher's pet, 老师可喜欢我了。

LL: So, I just have one more question for you, Li Hua. Is John, your teacher's pet, the same student who has a case of puppy love for you?

LH: 不是。暗恋我的学生不是John, 你别瞎猜!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是puppy Love, 指年轻人的暗恋。另一个是teacher's pet, 指老师最喜欢的学生。
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