268 glitz; fashion risk

Larry和李华一起看奥斯卡颁奖典礼。李华今天要学两个常用语,Glitz和Fashion Risk.

LL: Wow! I just love watching the Oscar Awards show, Li Hua. There is nothing quite as wonderful as the glitz of Hollywood.

LH: 我也特别喜欢看奥斯卡。不过Larry, 你刚才说glitz of Hollywood, glitz是什么意思啊?

LL: Glitz generally refers to a spectacular visual display of glamour and wealth.

LH: 我每年看奥斯卡,最喜欢的就是看那些电影明星都穿些什么式样的晚礼服,戴什么首饰。所以说,glitz就是光彩照人、让人眼花缭乱的意思。

LL: Most of the glitz of the Oscars Award Show is what the actors and actresses are wearing. People enjoy deciding which stars at the Oscars are the best dressed, and which are the worst.

LH: Larry, 那你觉得今年谁穿得最漂亮,谁又穿得最难看呢?

LL: Well, I haven't really decided yet, because we haven't finished watching the show. But I would have to say what Nicole Kidman is wearing is just too glitzy for my tastes.

LH: Glitzy 肯定是从glitz来的。 妮可·基德曼Nicole Kidman穿的是一条很高雅、线条很简单的黑裙子,怎么会过于奢华呢?

LL: Well, it isn't Nicole Kidman's dress that is so glitzy, it is the *huge* diamond necklace that she is wearing with it.

LH: 这我同意。她戴的钻石项链确实太醒目了。不过,这是好莱坞盛会,本来就是如此奢华的。

LL: Sure, but sometimes I think there is too much glitz! What about you, Li Hua? Who did you think is the best dressed?

LH: 那当然是乔治.克鲁尼George Clooney喽!不过,男明星跟女明星比起来,可就逊色多了。

LL: The female stars really get to put on the glitz with their colorful gowns in different styles and their jewelry.


LH: Larry, 你看,这是今年我最喜欢的电影主题曲,真希望这首歌能赢。

LL: I liked this song, too. Wow, they didn't cut back on the glitz for this musical number. Look at all the dancers and the special lighting effects.

LH: 太棒了!I love the glitz of Hollywood!

LL: Well, I am glad you are enjoying it, Li Hua, because the Oscars Award Show is very, very long. I think we still have at least three more hours of glitz!


LL: So, now the Oscars are almost over. Which star do you think took the biggest fashion risk tonight, Li Hua?

LH: Fashion risk? 时尚冒险?哦,我知道了,你是说哪个明星穿着大胆,冒着可能不被别人接受的风险,对吧?

LL: Yes, that's right, Li Hua. A fashion risk is when someone wears something bold and dramatic, hoping that the people will think it is very stylish.

LH: 如果这种大胆尝试不符合观众和媒体的口味呢?

LL: If a star wears something unfashionable tonight at the Oscar Awards Show, it will be in all the newspapers and all over the Internet tomorrow.

LH: 我觉得,在《汉娜.蒙塔娜》里演主角的小明星麦莉·赛勒斯的穿着最有可能引起争论。你觉得呢?

LL: I'll agree it was a bit of a fashion risk for someone so young to wear such a bright red dress, but I don't think she was the biggest fashion-risk taker at the Oscars tonight.

LH: 那你觉得是谁呢?

LL: I can't remember her name. But - you can't forget the dress she wore, the one with the leopard print design. Now that's taking a fashion risk!

LH: 我也记得那条象豹子斑点的裙子。虽然有些别出心裁,但她穿上去挺好看的,不知道时装评论家明天会怎么说。

LL: Well, I don't see how the critics could like that dress. But then again, what do I know? I'm not much of a fashion risk-taker myself.

LH: 对啊,你每天就是衬衫和休闲裤,从来也不换换花样。

LL: That's right. The biggest fashion risk I take is when I decide that I am going to wear a striped shirt instead of a plain one!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是Glitz, 指光彩照人,让人眼花缭乱。另一个是 fashion risk, 指穿着大胆,挑战时尚。
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