269 texting; text talk

李华告诉Larry说,经常有学生上课时间用手机。李华今天要学两个常用语,texting和txt tlk.

LL: So, Li Hua, your students won't stop using their cell phones in class? That is so rude! It is really impolite to be texting when you professor is giving a lecture.

LH: 你说的texting想必就是text messaging发短信的意思吧?

LL: Yes, Li Hua, texting is short for text messaging. And have to say I think it is rude for students to text in class.

LH: 我也觉得在课堂上发短信是对老师的不尊重,所以我今天宣布,上课时间手机一律要关机。

LL: That's a good class policy, Li Hua. I hope your students show you some respect and stop texting in class.

LH: 我也希望他们上课不要再发短信了。可是我那些学生好像随时随地都在发短信。

LL: Yeah, a lot of young people do. I read a news report the other day that several states in the U.S. are thinking of banning teens from texting while driving a car.

LH: 什么?有些高中生开车的时候都在发短信?太危险了!

LL: I know. I can't believe it myself. I can't imagine holding on to the steering wheel with one hand and texting with the other.

LH: 一手握着方向盘,一手发短信,还要注意周围的路况。这简直不可能。

LL: I agree. Texting while driving is a bad idea. Actually, Li Hua, I don't text very often, do you?

LH: 我有时会跟中国的朋友发短信联络,因为他们觉得这样可以练习英语。

LL: Texting to practice English is a great idea! But as for me, I'd rather call my friends and talk to them than text them.

LH: 我觉得这跟年纪有关。我妈就从来不发短信,我虽然有时发,但跟我的学生比,可差远了。

LL: That's true. Say, how have your students reacted to your new "No Texting" policy?

LH: 他们有点不高兴,但也知道上课发短信是不对的。

LL: So, Li Hua, what will you do if you catch someone texting in class now?

LH: 这简单。被抓住上课发短信的,手机一律没收,下课来取。

LL: Whoa! I bet no one will be texting in your class again, Li Hua.


LL: So, Li Hua, since you text to your friends in China, have you learned about text talk?

LH: 我也是刚知道text talk是怎么回事的。简而言之,text talk是一种特殊的短信语言,为了提高打字速度,对一些词进行简化。

LL: Right! Text talk is a language, and it has its own set of rules.

LH: 我的学生都是这方面的专家,我从他们那儿学到了不少text talk的规则.

LL: Really, Li Hua? Maybe you can teach me about text talk. As you know, I don't text very often.

LH: 首先,打字的时候尽可能把元音字母省略掉。

LL: Like Text Talk is shortened to TXT TLK.

LH: 没错。把 Text, t-e-x-t中间的e省掉,变成t-x-t; 再把 talk, t-a-l-k中间的a省掉,变成t-l-k.

LL: But even with the missing letters, you can still understand text talk, because your brain fills them in.

LH: 对啊,看习惯了就好了。我最喜欢的是用数字替代字母。

LL: Can you give me an example, Li Hua?

LH: 比如说,打see you later一会儿见的时候,later, l-a-t-e-r, 就可以打成L-8-R,发音非常相近。

LL: L-8-R for "later" is very clever. I bet the "See You" part is also shortened in text talk.

LH: 没错。一般发短信的时候,see you可以简写为字母c加上字母u, 发音完全一样,也是C-U.

LL: Mm, see you later, C-U L-8-R. Text talk is so funny, Li Hua! It makes me want to laugh out loud.

LH: 你提醒我了,在text talk里面,如果要写laugh out loud, 可以用三个首写字母L-O-L来表达。

LL: So, if I text L-O-L, my friend will know that I find something so funny it makes me want to laugh out loud?

LH: 没错。L-O-L在短信里,就代表laugh out loud, 意思是看到了非常好笑的事情。哎呀,说得高兴忘了时间,I've got to go. C-U L-8-R! See you later, Larry!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是texting, 指发短信。另一个是txt tlk, 是短信语言中使用缩略语。
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