5:in hot water; throw cold water on sth.

in hot water

to throw cold water on something

英语里有好些习惯用语都和"水",就是water这个字有关系。有的用:hot water;还有的用:cold water or deep water。在英语里用这些词汇组成的习惯用语就和水一样普遍。但是,它们都有一个共同的特点,那就是它们一般都含有贬意。今天我们要向大家介绍两个用water这个字组成的习惯用语。第一个是:in hot water. In hot water的意思并不是"在热水中"。它的确切意思是指某人或某些人出境困难,遇到非常麻烦的问题了。举个例子来说吧:

例句-1:"Joe is really in hot water now -- his girlfriend just found out he's seeing another woman."



例句-2:"That movie actor tried to cheat on his income tax, but he got caught and now he's in hot water with the government."

今天要讲的另一个和water有关的习惯用语是: to throw cold water on something. To throw cold water on something和中文里说的"泼冷水"意思完全一样。下面的例子是一个人在说他办公室里发生的事:

例句-3:"Everybody else in the office thought my idea was great, but the boss threw cold water on it."


例句-4:"I had planned on going to medical school but my dad threw cold water on this idea the other day when he told me he wasn't sure he had the money to pay my tuition for so long."


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