276 up for grabs; psyched

Larry陪李华一起找公寓。李华今天要学两个常用语,Up for grabs和psyched.

LL: Wow! Check out the price for this place...

LH: 很便宜吗?多少钱?

LL: Wait...what's your budget? I forgot - $2000 per month? Hahaha! How much you should be able to afford after getting that new job!

LH: 两千块的房子我可住不起。我的标准是,房租不能超过一千美金!

LL: Well...it's $1200 per month. I guess I'll keep looking...oh - hey - this one looks tempting - "one bedroom in group house for $675 up for grabs.

LH: 跟别人合租,675美元一个月,价钱倒是满便宜的,可是 Larry, 广告上说的up for grabs是什么意思啊?

LL: "Up for grabs" is a casual, informal way of saying that something is available - but you have to compete for it!

LH: 啊?还要跟别人争啊,是不是看谁出价高呢?

LL: In this case, it means that the room is available to the first suitable person who is willing to take the room and pay for it.

LH: 哦,那咱们下手为强。太好了,我们现在正好有时间。快打电话给他们。

LL: (Calling) Hello? Hi there. Is your room still available? Ok, if it's still up for grabs, we'll be there in half an hour.

LH: 太好了,Larry, 你看。那一带还有好几处价格比较合适的房子,咱们正好一块看了。


LH: Larry, 你觉得这个公寓怎么样?

LL: Well, I can understand why it's still up for grabs...the bedroom is small, the house smells of cigarette smoke, and the housemates seems strange!

LH: 就是,怪不得没人愿意租,不仅地方小,屋里都是烟味,而且那两个室友也都怪怪的。我们还是去看下一家吧,就在街对面。

LH: WOW! 这里简直太棒了,而且还配家具,价钱只稍微贵一点。Excuse me, is this room still up for grabs? It is? Fantastic! I'll take it!

LL: You should see the expression on your face, Lihua! You seem totally psyched!

LH: 简直难以相信!哎,Larry,我刚才是不是特不正常?

LL: Well - 'psyched' in this situation means that you are really excited because you're happy.

LH: 能找到这么好的房子,我当然高兴了。I am totally psyched! 这个周末就搬家。

LL: I'm glad that you're psyched. I was worried that you wouldn't find a new place for a reasonable price that is close to your new office.

LH: 现在想想,搬家又要打包,高兴劲儿一下少了一半。不过有些家具我不打算要了。Any extra furniture I leave behind is up for grabs.

LL: I'd be psyched if you left behind that new leather couch you got for Christmas last year. I'll take that one off your hands!

LH: 原来你在惦记我去年圣诞节买的新沙发。我还想让你帮我搬过来呢!哈哈!

LL: Well, it was worth a try! You've got so much to be psyched about, Lihua - you've got your new, cool job, a new place, and the best friend in the world to help you move your stuff!

LH: 还真是,好事都让我赶上了。

LL: I'm psyched for you.

LH: 那我们得庆祝庆祝。Now. What is something Larry would get psyched for...ah yes, - a free dinner! 晚上我请客。

LL: Larry certainly would be psyched about that! In fact, he's so psyched that he can't wait! This apartment hunting makes me really hungry.

LH: (Laughing) 别说,我肚子也开始叫了。那你想吃什么?

LL: I'd be the most psyched for some Burger King! Their new triple cheeseburger sounds delicious! What do you think?

LH: 汉堡王?太不健康了。这样好了,我点一份中餐,带到汉堡王去陪你一起吃。

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是 Up for grabs, 可以得到的,待价而沽的。另一个是 Psyched, 指特别高兴。

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