278 go out; more than friends

 李华通过了博士生的资格考试。Larry涨了工资。两人一起去吃饭庆祝。李华今天要学两个常用语,go out和more than friends.

LL: It is so nice to be celebrating such happy events with you, Li Hua! And on such a wonderful evening, I have an important question to ask you.

LH: 重要问题?好,有什么问题尽管问!

LL: (Nervously) Uh...Well...I was wondering if you wanted to....go out with me.

LH: 出去干嘛?我们还没吃完饭呢?再说,外面又那么闷热。

LL: (A little embarrassed) Uhhh...Noooo. I don't actually mean for us to go outside *right now*, Li Hua. By asking if you wanted to go out with me, I meant: Would you date me?

LH: 哦,原来go out with you是约会的意思。

LL: (Hopefully) Yes...So, would you like to go out with me, Li Hua?

LH: Larry, 我们做朋友这么久了,你现在要跟我谈恋爱,我还真觉得有些突然。

LL: We *have* been friends for a long time, Li Hua, and I realized that there isn't anyone else I enjoy doing things with as much as you. That's why I decided to ask you to go out with me.

LH: 我得考虑一下,因为这样一来,我们的关系就全变了。

LL: Well, it wouldn't change things that much. If we are going out, we will still do all the things we do now: go to restaurants, see movies, and take trips to fun places.

LH: 你说得没错,那我们就不能跟别人约会了吧?

LL: That is generally the idea, Li Hua. When you go out with someone, you don't usually date other people.

LH: 我现在倒是没跟什么人约会,可是...

LL: What? Is it that you don't want to go out with me, Li Hua?

LH: 不是。我很喜欢你,我就是希望我们永远能象现在这么好。

LL: So, you will go out with me?

LH: 好,我愿意!


LL: This is so great! You've made me so happy, Li Hua. I was worried you were going to say you wanted to be "just friends."

LH: 我知道,如果女孩子不接受男子的追求,就可以说She wants to be "just friends." 只做普通朋友。

LL: How do you know about being "just friends", Li Hua?

LH: 以前我跟两个室友住在一起,经常说起交男朋友的事。

LL: So, what did your roommates tell you?

LH: 有个男孩约Nancy出去,可Nancy并不喜欢他,所以她就打电话给那个男孩,说更愿意做普通朋友。

LL: Well, Li Hua, it takes a lot of courage for a guy to ask a girl out on a date - and there is nothing worse than hearing a girl say she wants to be "just friends."

LH: 这我可不信。

LL: I guess you are right, Li Hua. A girl could say worse things!

LH: 不过我可以想象,被谢绝的男孩子的自尊心肯定会受到打击。

LL: That's right. And that is why I am so glad you didn't say you wanted to be "just friends", Li Hua, just a moment ago. I would have been sad.

LH: 如果不是"just friends"普通朋友,那我们是什么呢?

LL: Well, when a girl says she would like to go out with a guy, she and the guy become "more than friends."

LH: 也就是说我们原来是普通朋友,那现在开始约会,所以我们的关系已经不只是朋友,超越了朋友的界限了?

LL: Right, being "more than friends" is a way of saying you are dating someone. So now we are "more than friends."

LH: 两个"more than friends"的人做的事情,一定跟"just friends"的人做的不一样喽?

LL: Like date each other.

LH: 还有拉手,拥抱...

LL: Oh, look! It's the waiter with our bill, Li Hua. Maybe we can continue this conversation later...

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是go out, 是约会的意思。另一个是just friends做普通朋友,和more than friends, 恋爱的关系。

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