279 gee whiz; holding up


(Phone Rings)

LL: Hello.

XY: Hi, Larry. 我是李华的朋友小燕。你好吗?

LL: Well, Gee whiz! Xiaoyan, I haven't heard from you in a long time! What a surprise!

XY: (笑)。是啊,Larry, 好久没联系了,不过,我的名字是王小燕,不是“Gee Whiz Xiaoyan”。

LL: Oh, "Gee whiz"is an expression of surprise or amazement in English, Xiaoyan. I was so surprised to hear your voice, that I said "gee whiz" without really thinking about it.

XY: 哦,gee whiz是感到意外,表示吃惊的意思。我希望接到我的电话是一个意外的惊喜!

LL: Oh, it is definitely a good surprise, Xiaoyan. "Gee whiz" is often used in good situations when something really amazing happens.

XY: 我那天听李华说,她要回中国去做研究。

LL: That's right. Li Hua was awarded a scholarship to do her research.

XY: Gee whiz, 李华这家伙,怎么没告诉我奖学金的事!这可是个好消息。

LL: You are right. It is great news. But, you know, Xiaoyan, I'm really going to miss Li Hua. She will be gone for three whole months!

XY: Gee whiz! 三个月确实不短,不过你放心,一眨眼就过去了。

LL: That's true. So, Xiaoyan, how are you doing?

XY: 挺好的。我现在是中国城一家餐馆的领班了。

LL: You got a new job? Gee whiz, that is great news, Xiaoyan. I'm really happy for you.

XY: 我也很高兴。你知道吗?老板对我很好,餐馆的饭菜也很好吃。

LL: So, which restaurant are you working at, Xiaoyan?

XY: 你听说过金龙吗?

LL: Gee whiz, the Golden Dragon is one of the best Chinese restaurants in New York City! I'll have to come sometime when you are working.


XY: 现在李华不在,你过得怎么样,Larry?

LL: Well, Li Hua left for China three days ago. I'm feeling a little sad, but I am holding up.

XY: Holding up? 李华走了,你再伤心也不用去抢银行啊!

LL: Gee whiz, Xiaoyan, your English is really good! We do say that bank robbers "hold up" a bank. But I didn't mean when I said I was "holding up" that I was going to go and rob a bank.

XY: 不是抢银行?那你说的holding up是什么意思?

LL: I meant that I was doing okay. When a person says they are "holding up," they mean that while they are sad or times are tough, they are going ahead with their daily life as best as they can.

XY: 这么说你过得还可以喽?那我就放心了。

LL: But you know, Xiaoyan, it has only been three days since Li Hua left. I am not sure how long I can hold up before I start really missing her.

XY: 最好的办法就是给自己找事做,千万不能闲下来。我那天跟John就是这么说的。

LL: John Smith? I know John, too. What is going on with John?

XY: 公司裁员,他因为资历浅,所以第一批就走人了。

LL: Oh that is too bad! How is John holding up, now that he doesn't have a job?

XY: 我想,还可以吧,他现在正到处找工作呢!

LL: I'm glad John's holding up, and I hope he finds a new job soon.

XY: 他那么聪明,肯定很快就能找到新工作。

LL: Hearing about John's situation makes me a little embarrassed that I'm worried about holding up while Li Hua is gone.

XY: 虽说John的处境比你更糟糕,但是思念自己的女朋友,也没有什么可不好意思的。

LL: You know, Xiaoyan, I wonder if Li Hua is missing me?

XY: Gee whiz, Larry! I wonder how she is holding up in China without you? 她会不会跟你一样度日如年呢?

LL: Li Hua can really take care of herself. If I know Li Hua, she's holding up just fine!

我们今天学习了两个常用语。一个是gee whiz, 是表示惊讶的意思。另一个是holding up 是勉强,凑合的意思。