285 deal; let go

李华结束了在中国的短期研究,返回美国,跟Larry一起在公园里散步。今天我们要学两个常用语:deal和let go.

LL: Wow, Lihua. Not only am I glad that you are back, I'm grateful that we can spend some time together in this warm weather!

LH: 是啊,今天天气真是太好了。你看,对面快餐店门口的那个不是小燕吗?我们过去打个招呼吧!

LL: Ummmm. We can meet up with her later, but I'd rather stay here and talk with you.

LH: 怎么啦?你好象显得很不自在。

LL: Ok Lihua, it's best that we don't go over there. She's - well - it's best you don't know what her deal is, you know?

LH: Her deal? 你说小燕走私毒品?那怎么可能!

LL: 'The deal' refers to someone's situation, mental state, or attitude problem. So, it's best that you not know what happened with her. But I should tell you.

LH: 我知道了,the deal是说一个人有问题。Tell me what her deal is. 还有啊,你也得好好解释解释,What YOUR deal is! 这次回来,你好象老是遮遮掩掩的。

LL: I'm sorry, but here's the deal: She took me out several times for dinner, and I -

LH: 真的吗?你们俩人没有怎么样吧?

LL: Please let me finish. The deal is - she wanted to try to start dating, and I tried the most polite way possible to let her know what MY deal was - which was that I'm not interested, but -

LH: So THAT's the deal! 我真没想到小燕会做出这种事来!What's her deal? 你干嘛不早告诉我!

LL: Ok, so the deal is - I was hoping to avoid this whole situation - to avoid this whole deal - but it's best that you know now.

LH: 我确实不太高兴,但我相信你。我也很了解小燕,I know her deal.

LL:If only I had known, I could have avoided the whole deal altogether!



LH: 怎么样,我做的三明治好吃吗?

LL: Delicious, Lihua! Where did you learn to make these... during your time in China? Hahah!

LH: 别逗了,小燕那桩事,还是让我心烦意乱的。她毕竟是我的好朋友,如今,她一定是伤透了心。

LL: Don't worry. She just needs some time to let it go.

LH: let what go? 放手?你难道有什么东西在小燕那里吗?

LL: 'To let it go' means to forgive and continue with your life after something bad happens. She is upset about what happened. After some time, she will let it go.

LH: 我明白了,let it go是忘记不愉快的事情,向前走的意思。你是说,只要待以时日,小燕就会把这段感情忘掉?你要知道,Larry, 心灵的伤痛可是很难愈合的。

LL: I agree, but everyone is different. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to let things go. And sometimes, people never let things go.

LH: 没错,很多人都有过类似的经历。

LL: I recall the first time I was rejected for a job that I applied for in college. It took me years before I could let it go!

LH: 还看不出来,你原来这么容易受到伤害。

LL: So, was there anything that took you a long time to let go?

LH: 那可能要算结束我的初恋了。

LL: Your first breakup? Who took longer to let it go? You or him?

LH: 当然是他了。说实话,我们两个本来就不是一路人。分手后,我的第一任男友整整给我打了一年的电话,希望能破镜重圆。He just recently let it go.

LL: Letting go can be the key to moving on with one's life. Sometimes people need to see a mental health specialist to help overcome such a difficult thing.

LH: 看心理医生?有那么严重?对了,你要不要再加点茶?

LL: Ah, great. Thanks, Lihua! I won't let go.

LH: Let go? 你在说什么呀?

LL: Nothing. I mean I won't let go of the tea cup. It's very expensive! Haha!

LH: 你又闹!有时候,我真搞不懂你。正经事说到一半,你就开玩笑。一点没正经。

LL: You know that's not true. I think we should let it go.

LH: What??? Let WHAT go?

LL: This topic, of course!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是deal, 意思是某个人的状况和问题。还有一个是let it go , 意思是忘记不愉快的往事,走出阴影。