286 butterflies in one's stomach...

李华和Larry一起开车去参加人材招聘会。今天我们要学习两个常用语: butterflies in one's stomach和go overboard.

LH: Larry, 我心里特别紧张。你怎么样?

LL: Yeah, I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous as well. Every time I have to go to one of these events, I get butterflies in my stomach.

LH: 肚子里面有蝴蝶?真有意思。你不是说真的吧!

LL: The expression 'butterflies in my stomach' describes the feeling you get in your stomach when you are nervous. That fluttering feeling that can make your stomach feel a bit unsettled is a result of such nervousness.

LH: 这种说法真形象。就是形容心里紧张,七上八下,好象在打鼓。Well, Larry, I've definitely got butterflies in my stomach right now!

LL: I'd tell you not to worry, but I'm worrying myself. Ok, let's take a deep breath, exit the car, and go into the job fair!

(Sound effect - Inside the job fair building)

LH: Wow,你看,这次来参加招聘的公司还真不少呢!看来我们有机会。可我怎么好象越来越紧张了呢?

LL: Me too! Let's start off together, and then we'll split up if we see other things that fit our taste. Did you bring your resume?

LH: 我带了三十份简历。你觉得够不够?

LL: I brought 20 resumes, so I think you definitely have enough. But, are you mentally prepared to make a good impression? You don't want to show that you've got butterflies in your stomach.

LH: 我知道。虽然心里七上八下的,可表面上还得装得镇定自若。哎呀,你怎么紧张得手都在抖啊。别抖,你看,简历撒了一地。

LL: (Flushed) Well, I guess that's a fast way to get my name and experience out there! Thanks for helping me pick these up. Ok, so how do I look?

LH: 你看起来特专业。来,放松点,喝口水,深呼吸,We need to get those butterflies out of our stomach.

LL: Thanks! You look fine, too. Let's go to the first company booth over there!


LH: 这些人真有礼貌。他们说"keep in touch"保持联络,是不是有希望啊?

LL: I'm not sure, Lihua. You may have gone overboard.

LH: Gone overboard? 这是什么意思啊!

LL: I mean - you may have said and done too much to them. 'Going overboard' means putting too much effort or action into something.

LH: 我想起来了,go overboard不是从船上掉下去的意思吗?

LL: It stems from the meaning of when a person walked too far on the edge of a ship - so far that they fall off of the boat and into the water!

LH: 你意思是说我表现得很差吗?

LL: No, I mean that you said and did too much. Perhaps you can keep your answers shorter - more direct. And how many resumes did you give them?

LH: 我怕他们u会丢,所以给了他们一人两份。

LL: See - one resume is enough. What you did is called 'going overboard.' Understand?

LH: 明白了,我以后一定注意分寸,除了工作经验,什么都不提。

LL: Yes! That's it! See, the first booth, you talked about your family and even your dog!

LH: Hey! 我可不许你说我狗宝宝的坏话。

LL: Ok. Watch me on this one. I'll try not to go overboard, so you can watch and learn, Li Hua.

LH: 好,我就在这观摩。Good luck! You need it. Haha

LL: Hi there, my name's Larry. I've heard a lot about your company and... (声音变弱)

LH: 这么快!你留下简历了吗?

LL: Ah! I forgot! (to booth) I'm sorry, here's my resume, sir.

LH: So, did you go overboard? (laughing)

LL: Funny, Li Hua. Very funny!

LH: 你连名字都忘了告诉人家。他们谈到你,肯定会说,“就是那个不留姓名、不留简历的神秘人”。

LL: Enough about me! I failed miserably. Let's see how you do this time. Let's see if you go overboard.

LH: 一、二、三 (数简历)

LL: Lihua...Why are you taking so many resumes with you?

LH: 我宁可go overboard, 我也不愿意忘记递简历。Wish me luck!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是butterflies in one's stomach, 意思是心里紧张,七上八下。另外一个是go overboard,意思是做事过份,走极端。