290 full ride; chill out

Larry跟李华一起去麦当劳吃早饭。今天我们要学两个常用语: full ride和chill out.

LL: Hey Lihua, I'm so happy I got to meet your sister Lijia this weekend. She's such a talented musician, it's no wonder she got a full ride to Julliard.

LH: 李佳上周末在DC玩得开心极了,可惜她要回纽约去上学,不能天天跟我在一起。哎,你刚才说,"She got a full ride to Julliard?“ 她没告诉我她每天坐校车上学啊!

LL: Lihua. A full ride is another name for an all-expenses-paid scholarship.

LH: 没错,李佳曾经获得全国小提琴少年组第二名,所以就因此拿到了朱丽亚音乐学院的奖学金,可我还是不懂,奖学金跟搭车有什么关系呢?

LL: A full ride means that all expenses are paid for her education at Julliard. A full ride covers everything from tuition to room and board.

LH: 哦,我终于明白了,full ride跟坐车一点关系都没有,而是指全额奖学金。学校同意负担李佳的学费、食宿和交通。Is that a full ride scholarship?

LL: Yes. A full ride scholarship is awarded to extraordinary students who are very intelligent and talented, and Julliard honored Lijia with a full ride scholarship because she has an exceptional academic record and she is a superb violin player.

LH: 不过,李佳告诉我说,她必需保持优异成绩,才能继续拿全额奖学金,不然,奖学金就会被取消。

LL: Yes, with full ride scholarships, the student is usually required to maintain a high grade point average, like 3.5 or above.

LH: 你是说,拿全额奖学金的学生平均成绩一定要保持在3.5以上,那要是掉到3.0以下怎么办呢?

LL: If the student didn't have a 3.5 grade point average or above, the college might suspend the full ride scholarship, and the student would be required to pay for that semester's tuition and living costs.

LH: 如果成绩不够好,就要自己出学费?不行,我得赶紧告诉李佳加倍努力,朱丽亚音乐学院的学费那么贵,自己出可出不起。She cannot afford to lose her full ride scholarship.

LL: Oh, Lihua, don't worry. We both know Lijia is very hard working, and she enjoys what she's studying. She shouldn't have a problem keeping her full ride scholarship.

LH: 我毕竟是姐姐,有义务督促她努力学习,千万不能丢掉奖学金。

LL: You're such a good example Li Hua, because you got a full ride scholarship for your PhD program, right?

LH: 多亏有这份全额奖学金,我才能继续念书呢。今年六月论文答辩一过,我就正式毕业了。Once I receive my PhD degree, my full ride will end. 我得抓紧时间,赶紧找到工作。


LL: Lihua, I know the economy is pretty bad right now, but I don't think you should rush to find a job. You've been working so hard on your PhD. - I think you deserve take some time off and just chill out.

LH: 给自己放假?现在就业市场这么不好,失业的人比新就业的人还多,我可不敢掉以轻心!再说了,现在天气越来越暖和,How can I chill out if it's hot outside? 大热天,怎么能凉快呢!

LL: No, Lihua, chill out means to relax. It has nothing to do with the temperature outside.

LH: 我明白了。你的意思是说,我毕业以后应该好好放松一下自己。你觉得这样能行吗?

LL: Of course I think it's a good idea to chill out. A lot of students take some time off after graduation to unwind. Some even travel for the entire summer and go backpacking through Europe.

LH: 有人用整整一个夏天去旅行,太过瘾了。不过,我恐怕走到半路,我就口袋空空了。Larry, 你说我该怎样去chill out呢?

LL: I think we could both chill out for a week and drive down to Virginia Beach to lounge on the sand and swim in the ocean with some friends.

LH: 不用写论文,不用准备面试,沉浸在阳光和海水中,还有温暖的沙滩,太美了。

LL: My uncle lives nearby, we could all stay at his house for a few nights.

LH: Oh Larry, chilling out sounds like so much fun! 从海边回来,我还可以到纽约去找李佳,chill out some more!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是full ride, 意思是全额奖学金。另一个是chill out,意思是放松放松。