309 snoozefest...

LH: Larry, 晚上你想干什么?

LL: I'm not sure Li Hua, did you have anything in mind?

LH: 我想去看新上映的喜剧片,讲好几个俄亥俄单身女子的那个。

LL: That movie? It looks like a total snoozefest! There's no way you'll get me in there!

LH: Snoozefest? 我猜snoozefest是无聊的意思吧?

LL: Yes, Li Hua, snooze is another word for sleep, and fest means party. So a snoozefest is something that's so boring it puts everyone to sleep.

LH: 我可不觉得这个电影无聊。要不你说,看什么电影?

LL: I would like to see that new action movie about a spy in Russia.

LH: 啊?你想看那个俄罗斯间谍片?光看介绍就知道,绝对是俗套的snoozefest!

LL: I don't think it sounds like a snoozefest to me. I find action movies to be very exciting.

LH: 看起来,我们两人对电影的品味完全不同。

LL: Yes, that sounds exactly right. So how are your classes going?

LH: 别提了,我刚完成的那篇文章枯燥极了。It is a total snoozefest. 题目是七十年代加拿大的经济和不列颠哥伦比亚省的捕鱼业。

LL: (Yawn) You're putting me to sleep just explaining it.

LH: 你还没去上过课呢!那位老先生讲起课来循循善诱,徐徐道来,经常说着说着就跑题了。It truly is a snoozefest.

LL: How do you deal with it?

LH: 一个字:coffee.

LL: That seems like a good plan. The other day I had a meeting at work that was also a total snoozefest. It took all of my energy to stay awake.

LH: 言归正传,咱们晚上到底看什么电影?赶快决定吧。

LL: Well, I guess we can see the movie you want to see.

LH: Thank you. 你怎么会改变主意的?

LL: I need to catch up on my sleep.



LH: Larry, 你觉得那个电影怎么样?特别好看吧!

LL: Great? I don't Li Hua, I thought that movie was really passé .

LH: Passé. Passé 是什么意思?

LL: Passé Pass-AY, is a word borrowed from French that means lame or uncool when used in English.

LH: 什么?你居然会觉得这么好的电影没劲?Your taste in movies is so Passé 不说这个了,现在时间还早,咱们干点什么?

LL: We could go out to a club and go dancing.

LH: 好啊,去哪里跳舞?

LL: The one on 9th street is cheap.

LH: 你说九街上那间舞厅?But that place is so passé 那里的音乐都是老掉牙的。

LL: Yes, I'll admit it is a little passé.

LH: 咱们去市中心新开的那个舞厅怎么样?听说里面特别棒,It's not passé at all.

LL: I heard it's pretty cool, but it's kind of far away.

LH: 这倒是真的。那我们还是去九街上的那间吧。

LL: That sounds good to me. Say, did you ever finish that book I loaned you?

LH: 刚看完。

LL: What did you think of it?

LH: 还可以。我觉得it was a little passé作者在书里并没有提出什么新论点,都是别人提过的。

LL: Really? I did not think it was passé at all. I thought that the author made some interesting points.

LH: 书里只有个别片段让我感兴趣,但是总的来说,I thought it was a snoozefest.

LL: Well I for one liked it. Did I tell you that a new restaurant opened down the street from my job?

LH: 你们公司附近又开新餐馆了?How is it?

LL: I haven't been yet, but I read a review of it. It said the decorations are somewhat passé but the food is supposed to be delicious.

LH: 真的?什么风味的?

LL: I think it is a Moroccan restaurant.

LH: 我们下次去吃吃看。

LL: Sure, I think that sounds like a great idea Li hua.

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是snoozefest, 意思是无聊得只会让人睡觉。另一个是passé, 意思是落伍的,过时的。