314 the ball is in your court...

Larry来找李华玩。今天我们要学两个常用语: the ball is in your court和happy hour.

LL: Hi Lihua, How's it going?

LH: 还不错,就是特别忙,一整天都在寄简历找工作。

LL: Oh yeah? How's that going?

LH: 挺烦的,不过今天终于有公司给我回电话了。

LL: That's great Li Hua, what did they say?

LH: 我当时正在上课,所以没接到,听的也是留言。

LL: Ah, it sounds like the ball is in your court now.

LH: 找工作可不是闹着玩的,什么球不球的。

LL: No, Li Hua, the ball is in your court means that it's your responsibility now to call them back.

LH: 哦,原来你是这个意思,那倒没错,the ball is in my court. 不过我心里特紧张,又想要这份工作,又害怕打电话。

LL: Why is that Lihua?

LH: 我不知道拿起电话来要怎么说。

LL: Well the important thing is to research the company before calling and remember what position you applied for.

LH: 好主意,打电话之前先要了解一下这家公司的情况。

LL: Well, the ball's in your court, so you can call them back when you feel comfortable. At least now they aren't catching you off guard.

LH: 这倒是真的,我可以做好充分准备后,再给他们回电话。不说我了,你最近工作还顺心吗?

LL: Well the boss just told me that a large client just dropped their old advertising agency, so they might go with us. Now the ball's in my court to come up with a good proposal and win them over.

LH: 太好了,你又有表现的机会了,一定要写好这个广告创意,把这个大客户争取过来。

LL: It sure is a good opportunity, but to be honest I'm pretty nervous about this. It's the first time I've gotten this much responsibility.

LH: 你一定没问题。

LL: Thanks Lihua.

LH: 对了,那家公司是做什么生意的?

LL: It's an ad for sneakers. Their sales have been down lately.




LL: Hello, Larry London speaking.

LH: Hi Larry!

LL: Oh hi Lihua, how's it going?

LH: 没什么事。就是想问你下班后要不要一起去喝点东西。

LL: You mean go to happy hour together?

LH: Happy? 跟你出去,我当然高兴了。

LL: Right, but happy hour means the hour after work when people often go out for a drink or some snacks.Usually the bar or restaurant will have some sort of discount.

LH: 哦,原来happy hour是说同事下班后一起去酒吧喝酒,而且酒吧为了促销,这段时间酒水往往比一般价格便宜。我以前好象听过这种说法。

LL: Yes, it is a pretty common phrase.

LH: 那你到底要不要跟我一起去happy hour呢?

LL: Sounds good to me.

LH: 我们去哪儿Happy hour?

LL: Wherever you want is fine with me.

LH: 我去找你怎么样?你公司附近有什么可以去happy hour的酒吧吗?

LL: There are a few places that have a happy hour, and that would be very convenient for me.

LH: 那好,一言为定。你几点钟下班?

LL: Well I get out of work at five. We can go to the place across the street where they have a happy hour. Does that sound alright to you?

LH: 没问题,那我们就在酒吧里见!

LL: Excellent. I will see you for happy hour.

LH: 我今天有重要的事情告诉你。

LL: Important news? What sort of news?

LH: 天机不可泄露。You will just have to wait until we meet at the happy hour.

LL: Oh come on, you can't call me up and tell me you have news and then leave me hanging all afternoon. We're not meeting for a happy hour until 5:00, that's a long time from now.

LH: 哈哈,我就是要调调你的胃口。

LL: It's cruel! What about the topic at least?

LH: 跟我有关。

LL: You and ....?

LH: 跟我和学校有关,我只能告诉你这么多了。

LL: Ok, that's fine. I'll see you for happy hour at five?

LH: See you then!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是the ball is in your court意思是现在该你采取行动了。另一个是happy hour意思是酒吧傍晚前后的减价时段,同事朋友可以一起去喝东西。